Since we drink our morning coffee pretty much all day, we’re stoked to hear it’s actually good for our skin. Not just good, but life-changing, life-saving good. According to Harper’s Bazzar , “a massive new study suggests that drinking lots of coffee could reduce your risk of developing cancerous melanoma.” So, you know we had to look into it for ourselves.


According to the Oxford Journals, skin cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer. Not great news, we know, but it can be warded off with a higher consumption of coffee: “Higher coffee intake was associated with a modest decrease in risk of melanoma in this large US cohort study.” So, it’s not entirely clear from the study what exact compounds in our morning brew make it so great for the healthy production of skin cells, but we’re glad it’s doing what it’s doing.


We’re definitely keeping our eyes peeled for more coffee-friendly studies. In the meantime, keep sipping that coffee, ladies and gents. And a little sunscreen never hurt either.

Will these findings make you increase your daily coffee intake? Let us know in the comments below.