While summer might be coming to a close soon, there’s still one delicious trend that we’re simply not ready to let go of: cold brew coffee. If you haven’t had the chance to try this wonderful drink yet, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best of the best with brands that specialize in cold brew recipes. So sit back, relax and enjoy a refreshingly cool cup of coffee!


1. Anchorhead Coldbrew Coffee Concentrate: Brewed in Washington State, this coffee concentrate is the result of a 16+ hour cold brew. You can mix this formula with a 1:1 ratio of concentrate and milk or just water for a delicious coffee beverage. Depending on how strong you like your joe, this 32 oz. bottle will provide 8 to 12 cups of coffee.


2. Jittery John’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate: Jittery John’s Cold Brew comes from a unique recipe of locally roasted coffee beans and chicory, giving it an incredibly smooth and addictive taste. Two 16 oz bottles cost $18, and each bottle will provide you with four to five cups of the good stuff.


3. Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee: Brewed with love by a couple of true coffee aficionados, this cold brew takes 18-24 hours to make, giving it some seriously bold flavor without any bitterness or acidity. Believe it or not, a three-pack of their 16-ounce bottles (yielding about 18 cups) is just $30.


4. Gorilla Cold Brew Coffee: Gorilla’s Cold Brew comes in an 11-ounce bottle and is a blend of two of the brand’s premium coffees: Rwanda Kiyego and Brazil Pedra Roxa. You can even buy their coffee in bulk, with a four-pack costing only $16. They come ready to drink, so just add milk, sugar or water (if you please!).


5. Barefoot Cold Brew: Barefoot’s Cold Brew is brewed for an impressive 18 hours, leaving behind a rich, chocolatey taste that has won itself many awards. The brand offers many different sizes to buy, but their most popular is the 64 oz growler.

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6. Chameleon Cold Brew: Chameleon Cold Brew shakes things up with its several different flavors, ranging from mocha to vanilla to regular ol’ Black. The concentrate comes in several different sizes, including a ready-to-drink option and a three-pack that will allow you to try out every flavor from the brand.


7. Slingshot Coffee Co. Cold Brew Coffee: Slingshot Coffee Co. offers a little something different, selling both a concentrate and a ready-to-drink form of their bestselling cold brew. The 1:1 ratio of water and coffee gives you the chance to make it as strong a flavor as you might desire. This two-pack includes a 16 oz. bottle of each for $17.


8. Blue Bottle New Orleans Cold Brew Coffee: This brand lets you to shake things up a bit by allowing you to either buy a ready-to-drink blend of their brew (with organic milk, chicory and cane sugar) or a brew-it-yourself kit with 16 oz of their cold brew and 1.5 ounces of chicory for flavor. The DIY kit is $25 and comes along with the recipe to make the brand’s beloved New Orleans-style coffee. (Photo via Blue Bottle Coffee Facebook)


9. Birch Iced Coffee Growler: With locations all throughout New York City, this brand boasts a dark roast cold brew with a chocolatey, rich and full-bodied taste. You can buy a cup from any of their locations, or you can order a 64-ounce Growler online for $14. (Photo via Birch Coffee Facebook)


10. Grady’s Cold Brew: Grady’s gives you several options to enjoy their New Orleans-style coffee concentrate. You can buy yourself a growler of their famous recipe from many Whole Foods, or you can brew it yourself with their easy-to-use cold brew bean bags (just $12 for a two-pack).

Are you a cold brew drinker? Tell us your favorite brands in the comments below!