It seems like every week there鈥檚 a new beauty hack聽that is being touted as the聽next big thing. Oftentimes these fads come and go, but there鈥檚 one that has stuck around for some time now:聽color correcting. The basic premise of this聽beauty solution is that, in order to neutralize a common beauty complaint, you can examine the聽primary聽color of the problem and then use聽a complementary聽shade to counteract it. This method has really caught on in the industry, and many brands now offer colored solutions for various beauty聽ailments. We鈥檝e rounded up 11 of our favorite color-correcting products that help cancel out some of our most common beauty complaints.

Problem: Red Spots

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1.聽Nudestix聽Skin Pencil in Matte + Blemish ($24): Red鈥檚 opposite on the color wheel is green, making a green formula the perfect solution for covering up angry red blemishes. This pencil from Nudestix not only color corrects and matte-ifys red spots, but it also helps heal them with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Salicylic acid.

Problem: Blue Dark Circles


2.聽Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer No. 1 ($29): Dark circles come in all different shapes and sizes, but if they are more blue in tone then the best way to counteract that is with a a peach-y concealer. This creamy formula helps to not only conceal but also brighten up blue under-eye circles.


3.聽GloryBoon Salmon Concealer Crayon ($7): Salmon concealers work just as well聽for counteracting the darkness caused by blue-toned circles.聽This particular formula is all natural and comes in a travel-friendly container, making it the perfect choice for covering up under-eye bags on the go.

Problem: Purple Dark Circles


4.聽NARS Siam Matte Multiple ($39): It might seem crazy, but this bright red formula is actually a fantastic way to counteract purple-toned dark circles. The bold color counteracts the dark purple skin underneath your eyes and leaves you with a far more neutral look to work with. Just check out how well it worked for our creative director Anj!

Problem: Uneven Skintone


5.聽Bare Minerals PrimeTime Neutralizing Primer聽($24): With a yellow-toned base, this primer from Bare Minerals aims to even out redness and discoloration, leaving you with a聽great聽base for applying any additional makeup.


6.聽E.L.F. Studio Tone Correcting Powder聽($3): Sometimes one color just isn鈥檛 going to cut it, so why not try out a few? Sold in both warm and cool palettes, this affordable powder compact includes four colors that can be mixed and matched to address any of your skin鈥檚 needs or issues.

Problem: Yellow Nails

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7.聽OPI Care to Danse? ($5): We鈥檝e all dealt with yellow nails at one time or another. A great way to offset the unpleasant color is by using a sheer lavender polish. Wear it alone or underneath a darker color.

Problem: Dark Eyelids


8.聽Benefit Lemon Aid Color Corrector for Eyelids ($20): If you want to show off your new, beautiful eyeshadow, there鈥檚 nothing worse than having dark lids preventing the color from really popping. This yellow-toned primer is a fab聽solution for color correcting red, dark lids, and it also聽provides a nice base for all your shadow needs.

Problem: Rosacea


9.聽Clinique Superprimer in 鈥淐orrects Redness鈥聽($24): Whether you鈥檙e dealing with rosacea or just irritated, red skin, you will love how effective a yellow primer is at neutralizing your face. This primer from Clinique is a sheer liquid option that aims to color correct red skin so you won鈥檛 have to cake on foundation in an attempt to cover it up.

Problem: Dull Skin


10.聽NYX Concealer Wand in Lavender ($5): Brighten up your skin聽with lavender, a color that is ensured to instantly correct the look of dull, sallow spots. This concealer works particularly well at brightening up skin with yellow or neutral undertones.


11.聽Koh Gen Do Malfanshi Makeup Color Base in Lavender Pink ($48): If your complexion is in need of an all-around pick-me-up, then try something like this lavender-pink color base. The formula is sheer, so it can be worn underneath foundation, but the particular color of this base is guaranteed to liven up any complexion.

Have you used color correcting in your beauty routine before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!