When it comes to telling time, it should be no surprise that we’re all about sophisticated style with a touch of quirk. If you’ve been following our latest series of style hacks, then you know we’ve been getting busy with Timex in the DIY department. Now, we’re here to serve up a dozen of our favorite watches from this iconic brand, from classic to colorful.

There’s a watch in this collection for every personality type — from sporty to posh to spicy ;)

1. White Crystal Classic Round ($75): This subtle bit of sparkle is a great watch for the minimalist who wants to dress things up a bit. The classic round style is as old as Timex itself!

2. Teal Weekender Slip Thru ($45): The Weekender is our new best friend… in the form of a watch. It’s super versatile, easy to dress up or dress down, and comes in a whole rainbow of colors. Teal is my personal fave!

3. Gold ’80s Timex Digital ($45): Go retro, or go home! Okay not really but we do LOVE how old school this glitzy gold watch is. See how we worked it into our ultimate Summer Concert Style Tip guide here!

4. Purple Aluminum Color Bracelet ($95): This bracelet-style watch features a purple aluminum case and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. That’s right — a water-resistant watch doesn’t have to look like you bought it at Foot Locker.

5. All Black Classic Round ($65): All about wearing black from head to toe? Then your wrist should be no exception. We love the pop of yellow on the second hand.

6. Red Weekender Slip Thru ($45): Another Weekender! As with the teal one, the strap matches the second hand for the perfect level of crimson color coordination.

7. Mint Weekender Slip Thru ($45): Is our obsession with Weekenders becoming… borderline obsessive? You can also see how we transformed one into a nautical style for summer!

8. Orange ’80s Classic Digital ($43): It’s about time we talked about the ’80s. The neon ’80s, that is! You’ve seen this watch before, and you maybe even owned it way back when. Well, it’s back in style and would look hip alongside a few modern friendship bracelets.

9. Metallic Disco Classic Round ($80): Speaking of throwbacks, how about a little disco action? Crystals on the face, an iridescent pattern on the strap — you can turn your wrist into a disco ball in an instant ;)

10. Hot Pink ’80s Classic Digital ($43): Go for Barbie style hot pink to get in touch with your 6th grade side. Match this one with your jellies (yes, those are back, too!) for the ultimate #TBT look.

11. Rainbow Originals Classic Round ($65): Look at those colorful numbers! And the hands? SO GOOD. This is hands down (see what we did there?) our favorite watch of the bunch.

12. Rose Gold Modern Mini ($65): And finally, class things up with a vintage-inspired mini watch, perfect for ladies with delicate wrists and a refined sense of style.

Which of these watches is your fave? Do you wear a watch? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Timex.