Whatever the holiday may be, kitschy desserts are a must. No one is going to let you get away with a run-of-the-mill dessert pizza or cheesecake when there are themes to fulfill. With Easter around the corner, we want ALL of the pastel colors, candied bunnies, and gaudy edible Easter baskets. So put the serving bowls filled with chocolate Easter eggs away. We’ve got 13 alluring Easter dessert recipes that will make you grab your whisk and spring into action!

Bundt Cake With Spiced Wine and Pink Icing Easter Dessert Recipe

1. Bundt Cake With Spiced Wine and Pink Icing: Let’s do ourselves a huge favor and not reserve spiced wine for fall, mmmkay? It does great things in the spring, and this spiced pastel cake is all the proof you need. (via Every Cake You Bake)

 Carrot Patch Dirt Pudding Cups Easter Dessert Recipe

2. Carrot Patch Dirt Pudding Cups: Now these are some carrots we’d like to harvest. Chocolate covered strawberries sprout from chocolatey dirt to give us the cutest and muddiest pudding cups EVER. (via Erica’s Sweet Tooth)

Easter Egg Macarons Recipe

3. Easter Egg Macarons: Macarons are known for being colorful and downright luxurious. Turning these delicate treats into an Easter-inspired dessert is brilliant; they’re (almost) too pretty to eat. (via What Should I Make For…)

Coconut and Seed Dark Chocolate Bark Topped With Mini Eggs Dessert Recipe

4. Coconut and Seed Dark Chocolate Bark Topped With Mini Eggs: There’s a fun-filled chocolate bark for every holiday, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. This one brings one of our favorite Easter candies to the mix, making them completely irresistible. (via Waffle and Whisk)

Chocolate Cream Egg No-Churn Ice Cream Easter Recipe

5. Chocolate Cream Egg No-Churn Ice Cream: If the cream egg is your biggest weakness, consider this ice cream a DREAM. Sorry Ben and Jerry, but we’ll be in our own little dark corner with this stuff until Easter is over. (via Life’s Ambrosia)

thristy for tea

6. Matcha Moss Cupcakes: Fact: You cannot have an Easter-themed gathering without bunnies. These glorious matcha-topped cupcakes create the perfect landscape for our little candied fur-friends. (via Thirsty for Tea)

hungry rabbit

7. Pineapple Coconut Carrot Cake: If you’re looking to impress people with a show-stopping exterior and a mouth-watering interior, this is it! (via Hungry Rabbit)

the green life

8. Toasted Coconut Shortbread Cookies: Shortbread gets an Easter makeover with the help of toasted coconut and bunny cookie cutters. (via The Green Life)

femme fraiche

9. Maple Cream Easter Eggs: Forget those store-bought cream eggs. If maple flavored anything and everything is what you pine for, these bad boys will have you doing backflips. (via Femme Fraîche)

sugar spun run

10. Bunny Munch: Puppy Chow and Moose Munch are two of the most addictive snacks you can put out for guests. This Bunny Munch is no different, and maybe even more exciting thanks to all of those Easter treats tossed in there. (via Sugar Spun Run)

woodland keep

11. Buckwheat Cake With Cinnamon Honey Icing and a Caramel Apple Filling: This dessert brings you all of those rejuvenating spring vibes in a refined way. You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit, natural sweetness, and florals. (via Woodland Keep)

the gourmet gourmand

12. Carrot Cake Loaf: Featuring a classic cream cheese frosting, this dessert will impress everyone with its carrot pattern and super moist cakey-ness. (via The Gourmet Gourmand)

oh sweet basil

13. Fudgy Caramel Egg Brownies: Ooey gooey brownies like you’ve never seen before, y’all. These gems are baked with a crazy-tasty layer of caramel-filled eggs, then smothered with a generous layer of chocolate ganache. (via Oh, Sweet Basil)

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