There are many ways to enjoy a great slice of pizza. Deep dish or flatbread, healthy or indulgent — you can even hack a two-ingredient crust! But we don’t give enough credit to the endless possibilities for delectable dessert pizza. You can top them with your fave candy or seasonal fruit, drizzle them with caramel or chocolate and, of course, invite your favorite candy to the pizza party. Any way you slice it, dessert pizzas are out of this world. Want to try one STAT? Here are 16 dessert pizza recipes to get you started on your path to sweet pizza serenity.


1. Apple Crumble Flatbread: Imagine the most comforting and warm apple crumble, but handheld. This flatbread is that and so much more. That scoop of vanilla ice cream is definitely non-negotiable. Let it melt a bit and you’ll fall in love with how it mixes with the rich caramel sauce. (via Creme de la Crumb)


2. Bananas Foster Dessert Pizza: Bananas Foster is a southern dessert that we all need to get behind, especially when it’s served on top of a crispy pizza crust. Stock up on your rum and bananas, because when the mood strikes, you’ll want to be prepared. (via Spicy Southern Kitchen)


3. Caramel Apple Dessert Pizza: The person who discovered that caramel and apple are amazing together deserves a major gold star. This dessert pizza combines a crispy PB cookie crust, a fluffy caramel vanilla frosting, thinly sliced Granny Smith apples and… Snickers! (via Show Me the Yummy)


4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza: Dessert that doubles as a fun activity is always a good choice. Use this cookie pizza as a tasty base to top with your favorite candies and drizzles at your next girls’ night in. Just don’t forget to bring the cocktails too. (via Food Fanatic)


5. Cinnamon Roll Dessert Pizza: When you want that homemade cinnamon roll flavor without all of the work, toss together this dessert pizza that’s finished off with cream cheese frosting. Once you get a taste of this pizza-breakfast hybrid, you won’t want to go back to regular old rolls. (via The Recipe Critic)

Cookies and Cream Pizza

6. Cookies and Cream Dessert Pizza: With just a few pantry items you already have lying around, you can have a quick dessert pizza on the table in no time. Why spend all night making a ton of individual cookies when you can just make one huge one and call it a day? (via Girl Versus Dough)


7. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza: Everyone loves a good oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Please the masses with this giant version that can be sliced into pizza-like wedges and eaten on the go. It’s the perfect party favor to bring to the next event you’re invited to. (via Whole and Heavenly Oven)


8. Oreo Fudge Brownie Pizza: There’s no such thing as too much chocolate. This beauty has a brownie crust, crushed Oreos and a creamy fudge drizzle. Top with chocolate shavings and you’re all set for a chocoholic’s dream dessert. (via Dessert Now Dinner Later)

Pumpkin Streusel

9. Pumpkin Streusel Dessert Pizza: If you’ve ever had a dessert pizza from a restaurant, it probably looked a little like this. What it surely didn’t have was pumpkin puree, which is what makes every bite of this pizza totally amazing. (via Busy Mommy)


10. Raspberry White Chocolate Dessert Pizza: If only the base of every pizza could be sweetened cream cheese, white chocolate and raspberry puree. Okay, maybe that wouldn’t be good on ALL pizzas, but it sure makes for one heck of a dessert. (via Sugar Spun Run)

Reese Pizza

11. Peanut Butter Cup Pizza: Homemade hand-tossed pizza dough makes all the difference in this indulgent masterpiece. You might as well go big when you’re talking about two types of chocolate, PB cups, peanuts and a warm PB drizzle. (via Cleobuttera)

12. Rocky Road Chocolate Pizza: The great thing about this pizza is that you simply mix all of the ingredients together and press into a pizza pan to set. No baking involved! Plus, it’s a fun recipe to make with the kiddos on a cold afternoon. (via Oh, Sweet Basil)


13. Skor Bar Dessert Pizza: Toffee lovers are going to flip for this recipe. As if the diced Skor bars weren’t enough, there are even toffee bits sprinkled on top of the buttercream and ganache layer. Have mercy! (via Paper and Birch)


14. S’mores Pizza: Roughing it is so much easier when you have an incredible dessert to share with your pals. This pizza will have you all singing “Kumbaya” around the campfire all night long. No icky sticks required. (via Just Us Four)


15. Grilled Strawberry, Ricotta and Nutella Dessert Pizza: Pack this for a picnic date with bae, and don’t forget a bottle of champagne for an extra-special time. Your love will love the thoughtfulness, and you get to enjoy a romantic grilled dessert pizza. (via Sun Diego Eats)

Watermelon Pizza

16. Watermelon Pizza: If this fruity pizza doesn’t have you yearning for summer, nothing will. Cue the barbecues and mojitos ASAP. Make a DIY watermelon pizza dessert bar with your favorite toppings, from fresh fruit to granola, coconut flakes, mint leaves and more. (via The Fit Foodie)

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