Candy plus other sweet treats are just a couple of the things that come to mind when we think of a successful Easter celebration. Let’s just say that each of these 12 edible Easter baskets delivers on both fronts. Far from drab, these confectionary creations are no doubt a perfect finishing touch for your holiday feast. Read on, then head over to the B+C shop to nab gifts for Easter baskets! The non-edible ones…

Easter Basket Cookies

1. Easter Basket Cookies: Filled with a dollop of frosting and candy, these cookie cups are sweet in every way. (via Pillsbury)

Miniature Easter Egg Baskets

2. Miniature Easter Egg Baskets: Down to the chocolate bunnies stuffed inside, these cupcakes are spot-on, miniaturized versions of an ideal Easter basket. (via Bakerella)

Easter Rice Krispies Cups

3. Easter Rice Krispies Cups: We don’t mind one bit that these marshmallowy Rice Krispies treat baskets might be missing a handle. necause they’re brimming with chocolate candies. (via Food Family + Finds)

DIY Easter Basket Cake

4. DIY Easter Basket Cake: It’s surprisingly easy to create the elegant, basket-weave-like design decorating this double chocolate cake. Coconut haters can rejoice because the Easter grass on top is made from shimmering green sprinkles in lieu of the typical, dyed shreds. (via The Cake Blog)

No-Bake Chocolate Egg Nest Cookies

5. No-Bake Chocolate Egg Nest Cookies: Get twiggy with these three-ingredient, no-bake baskets (or nests, if you prefer). (via Chef in Training)

Sugar Cookie Easter Nests

6. Sugar Cookie Easter Nests: A pinch of coconut applied to the top of these sugar cookies toasts up nicely in the oven, giving each one the illusion of Easter grass. With their buttery, sweet flavor, you can enjoy filling them with chocolate eggs and so much more. (via Lovely Little Kitchen)

30-Minute Easter Basket Cake

7. 30-Minute Easter Basket Cake: Your guests will be doubly stunned when you present this cake. Adorned with candies and cookies, the presentation is not only beautiful, but what awaits them inside isn’t really cake at all — it’s actually a giant Rice Krispies treat. (via Something Swanky)

Cereal Easter Basket

8. Cereal Easter Basket: We’re totally loving this eye-catchingly colorful basket made with Fruity Pebbles. (via Delish)

Easter Basket Cupcakes

9. Easter Basket Cupcakes (Gluten-Free): These refined-sugar-free cupcakes offer a nice counterpoint to all of the candy that abounds during this holiday. (via Recipe Renovator)

Coconut Macaroon Birds Nests

10. Coconut Macaroon Birds Nests: The combo of chewy coconut macaroons, a dollop of salted caramel and malted milk eggs is totally egg-cellent. (via The Land of Milk ‘n’ Cookies)

DIY Reese’s Cup Easter Basket Treats

11. DIY Reese’s Cup Easter Basket Treats: Set aside a few peanut butter cups to make these super cute edible crafts. (via Arts + Crackers)

Edible Chocolate Easter Baskets

12. Edible Chocolate Easter Baskets: Making these Easter baskets is a whole lot easier than it looks. Fill them with assorted candies, ice cream, fruit or your favorite spot of something sweet. (via Wants + Wishes)

Have you ever assembled a 100% edible Easter basket? Share your creations with us in the comments!