Here's the deal. Popsicles are awesome, but the best homemade popsicles take hours to freeze and almost universally fall off the popsicle stick before you're ready. That's why we're pumped about the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. And what better time to get creative with Gatorade than for this weekend's Super Bowl shenanigans?


– gatorade

– sprinkles

– vanilla yogurt

First, freeze your pop maker for a few hours before using. We recommend keeping the pop maker in your freezer at all times, for all those times you want to whip up a batch of impromptu popsicles.

Pour gatorade into each popsicle holder, with the popsicle stick already in, and freeze for 5-10 minutes. That's it! You're done! It's ridiculously simple, and the results are refreshing and delicious.

But wait? How does this magical popsicle machine work? Get ready for a little bit of science. The nonstick cast-aluminum molds have proprietary solution sealed inside their bases to enable rapid, uniform freezing in as little as 7 minutes. The pop maker can make up to 9 pops before refreezing is required, and includes a remover tool, 6 reusable popsicle sticks, and 6 reusable drip guards for tidy popsicle consumption.

Our favorite pops for this weekend are one that's loaded with sprinkles at the top and blueberry pomegranate gatorade, and a creamy vanilla yogurt + fruit punch gatorade variety. And we're definitely scheming a savory popsicle experiment in the near future. Stay tuned.

Got any ideas for yummy popsicle combos we should try? Leave us a note in the comments below or say hello on Twitter.