The middle stretch of winter is the hardest to get through. The holidays are over and spring is still too far away to look forward to, leaving us stuck in a cycle of cold, gray days. If you’re planning a summer or spring wedding around this time of year, it can be easy to get bogged down in the dreariness. But have no fear! We’re coming to the rescue with an array of gorgeous, bright and extremely colorful wedding photos to buck up your spirits and give you a splash of colorful inspiration. Whether you just need a break from the gray outdoors, are looking for your own colorful ideas or are eager to cultivate some wedding envy, keep reading on for a rainbow explosion of suggestions.


1. Let the Love Stream(er) Down: If you’re searching for a way to incorporate tons of color into your wedding and design a playful photo booth backdrop, this is the answer. (via Ruffled Blog)


2. Summery Sheen: What’s to love about this pic? Everything. From the bright yellow dress to the lush flower crown to the subtle colors of the glass windows, this color-rich wedding is utter perfection. (via Sarah Tonkin)


3. Pastel Bouquet: If you stick to pastels, you can get away with using a plethora of colors. Here, pinks, yellows, oranges and purples get a little help from pops of neon green succulents and blue ribbon for a unique and totally pulled-together look. (via Maria Mack Photography)


4. ’70s Style: Get a cool throwback vibe by embracing the colors of the disco era: We’re thinking oranges, yellows, magentas and pinks. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


5. Colors of the Rainbow: For the ultimate colorful wedding, go rainbow. Have each gal pal pick their favorite color and use white bouquets to offset the brightness. (via Sarah Tonkin Photography)


6. Cruise Into the Sunset: Who says you have to make your wedding getaway in a white car? A brightly colored bicycle is much more whimsical and fun. (via Fab You Bliss)


7. Go Vintage: There are some amazing vintage signs out there just waiting to be photographed with. Find one with plenty of rich tones to give you a vibrant backdrop. (via Wedding Party)


8. Pose With The Roses: Or lilacs, or ivy, or… well you get the idea. A natural backdrop of flowers is all the color you’ll need to look stunning. (via Sarah Tonkin)


9. Blow Up: What party isn’t complete without balloons? Actually, scratch that. What party isn’t complete without an insane, towering, colorful display of balloons? (via The House That Lars Built)


10. Announce Your Love: A bright garland is the perfect colorful accessory to display behind your table or the buffet. Boost it with a cute or inspired quote that means something to you both. (via Style Me Pretty)


11. Playful Peacock: This twist on the old “something blue” tradition gets a playful turquoise punch. And, if we may say so, how adorable are those shoes?! (via Artfully Wed)


12. Gem Tones: Rather than giving your bridesmaids one color to stick to, have them pick their favorite jeweled tones for a bridal party that really pops. (via Southbound Bride)


13. Pops of Neon: Along those lines, you could also have your bridesmaids pick out similarly styled dresses in a few bright swatches of neon. (via Glamour and Grace)


14. Parade Route: Have we mentioned just how much we love colorful balloons at weddings? Coral, yellow and teal are good choices to accent your parade walk through town. (via Rock My Wedding)


15. Paper Lanterns: Giant paper lanterns will add tons of brightness to your ceremony during the day and then shift to subtle warm hues for the party at night. (via Katherine O’Brien)


16. Find an Accent Wall: A bright mural like this one is a great way to offset your white dress and your honey’s tux. Find one in a place that’s meaningful to you or with an image that inspires you. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


17. Deck the Altar: Cover your altar with a cascading array of pretty flowers and plants for a boho, natural vibe. (via Sarah Tonkin)


18. Natural Beauty: It’s hard to ask for a more gorgeous natural setting than a bright blue sky, but when paired against some stunningly white architecture, this bride’s red and gold ensemble shines bright like the sun. (via Xaazablog)


19. Campfire Chic: Get a campy vibe by stretching out colored canvases outdoors. The blend of rustic and bright is bound to astound your guests. (via June Bug Weddings)


20. Flower Power: Nothing is more colorful than a field full of flowers. A yellow sunflower patch in the sunshine should do the trick. (via Alissa Saylor Photography)


21. Garlands: Hang colorful garlands everywhere to show your love and incorporate some pretty pastels into your big day. (via Steve Cowell Photo)


22. Waterfall Bouquet: A cascading waterfall of flowers, ferns and blossoms is a simple way to add just the right amount of color to your ceremony. (via Style Me Pretty)

Which of these colorful weddings inspire you the most? Have any tips for styling your own bright day? Tell us in the comments below!