Looking for a way to add a ton of color and bold prints to your wardrobe? Well, you’ve definitely found it. Comic book prints are back, and we are oh-so happy about it. Not only can we now go to superhero movie premieres decked out in this awesomeness, but they’re great for livening up your everyday outfits, too. Here are 13 ways to jump on the bandwagon and save the world, one comic book print at a time. Kapow!

1. Snoopy Chambray Shirt ($39): Snoopy is America’s favorite cartoon dog, so why not wear a shirt dedicated to him? Pair it with a red skirt for maximum props from the Peanuts gallery.

2. ‘Zomg’ Cartoon Printed Sneakers ($106): If you have an undying love for the Spice Girls, you’re going to want to scope out these platform sneakers. And you’re also going to want to scope them out because they would be pretty great for casual summer outings.

3. Car Print Trousers ($234): Imagine these with a pair of black heels, a white blouse and a black blazer. Pretty stylish, huh?

4. Oversized Shirt Dress in Comic Print ($57): This oversized dress is great for breezy summer fashion, but we would definitely rock it with a contrasting belt around the waist. Perhaps a neon yellow one?

5. Comic Pop Crop Top ($9): Pop crop top! Try saying that five times fast.

6. Vintage Comic Print Shorts ($448): These are the coolest shorts we’ve seen in a while. Pairing these with a simple top would definitely be the best way to make them stand out.

7. Pop White + Blue Canvas Sneakers ($230): Our favorite part about reading comics is seeing all those action words and exclamations, and that’s why we want to wear these kicks for the rest of our lives.

8. Equipment Top ($125): No top is ever complete without a happy squirrel on it, ya know? This would also look amazing tucked into a super bright scuba skirt.

9. Garfield Pizza Shirt ($61): Our favorite sassy cat and pizza on one shirt? Our dreams have come true.

10. Sweatshirt with Mickey and Minnie Comic Print ($35): This sweatshirt featuring Disney‘s most famous lovebirds is perfect lazy day attire. Spend your Sundays in style!

11. Marvel Comics Iron Man Tee ($14): We couldn’t find a tee with Robert Downey Jr.’s face on it, so we’re settling for the comic book Iron Man. Actually wait, we might like this one better.

12. Comic Printed Sweat Top ($58): This doodle-covered sweatshirt is so rad. We love tucking everything into a skirt, but you could easily rock this with a pair of dark shorts or pants.

13. Mega Field Babydoll Dress ($100): That’s right, more Garfield. This quirky dress illustrates the many faces of the best comic book cat ever.

Which comic print look is your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below!