There is something truly amazing about a bold, striped wall. When stripes are done well, they can add structure and drama to create a unique feel in any space. There are so few patterns as diverse as the timeless stripe. It can adapt to any style — classic, nautical, shabby chic or ultra luxe — and looks fab wherever you put it. From horizontal to vertical and thick to thin, check out these 24 striped walls and get inspired to make this trend your own.

1. Go Bold: We love the comic book feel of this dramatic black-and-white striped dining room. (via Funky Time)

2. The Focal Point: Need just a little pop of pattern? Paint just one wall in the room with colorful stripes to create a fun focal point. (via Tater Tots and Jello)

3. Nautical Entrance: Instead of making this entry feel smaller, horizontal stripes draw your eyes down to the doors to give you the idea that you’re moving forward. (via Houzz)

4. Welcome Home Stripes: In a small space like this, stripes can add a lot of interest on their own. With just two quarts of paint, you’ll have plenty to keep your senses busy without even having to add furniture or framed art. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

5. Elegant and Feminine: Wide gold stripes and elegant accessories make this luxe, white bedroom ultra-glamorous. (via Ididi)

6. Half-Striped: Painting stripes only halfway down a wall helps to not overwhelm the space. Don’t the light gray stripes look incredible with the strong black accents, too? (via Two Inspire Design)

7. Mix It Up: Try a fun variation on the traditional look by painting thick and thin lines in a variety of colors. This style will give your space a modern, contemporary vibe. (via Houzz)

8. Classy Nursery: If you’re trying to stay gender-neutral, subtle gray stripes could be an ideal solution for your little one’s room. (via Houzz)

9. Tiled Stripes: Mix up the white subway tile look by incorporating graduated stripes made of black tiles. (via The Design Files)

10. Pink and Red: Since wallpaper and humidity are serious enemies, painted stripes are the perfect solution to add color and pattern to your bathroom. (via Lonny)

11. Paste, Not Paint: If the idea of measuring and taping out all those lines makes you feel dizzy and overwhelmed, consider using wallpaper for the same awesome effect, without the messy work. (via L.A. Design Concepts)

12. Keep It In The Family: Equal stripes in different tones of the same color coordinate super well together. We love how these broad ones are happy to take a backseat to show off the other bold items in this space. (via Apartment Therapy)

13. Pretty In Pink: These thick rose and white horizontal stripes add a classic and calm feel to a room. All-white furniture keeps it peaceful and relaxing, too. (via Serena And Lily)

14. Think Thin: Narrow, vertical stripes in opposing light-and-dark colors are all these walls need to stand out. Pair them with some simple, solid furnishings and wood tones, and these stripes become the central artwork in the room. (via Caprichos Daneses)

15. Gallery Inspiration: Horizontal stripes give a unique background to a gallery wall, even if it is just a collection of chic, empty frames. (via HGTV)

16. Matchy Matchy: Matching walls and cabinets? So clever! (via Blog’n’Blogs)

17. This And That: A huge wallpaper win! This dramatic look goes in both directions, but still totally works. (via House And Home)

18. Rainbow Rows: We love this multi-colored hallway with that brilliant, coral chandelier. So simple, but so chic! (via Fresh Home)

19. Brown Tones: Brown is a warmer and more casual option for a statement wall when you don’t want to commit to black. (via New England Home)

20. Trendy Playroom: The colorful stripes in this playroom help draw the eye upward and away from the inevitable mess that typically takes over playrooms. (via Houzz)

21. Color The Sky: Stripes on the ceiling? Genius! (via Project Nursery)

22. Temporary Stripes: If you’re renting and can’t commit to colored walls, try painting some stripes on a big board or canvas for an excellent color effect without the commitment. (via The Effortless Chic)

23. Straight Enough: Matching orange headboards make a vibrant statement in this hip guest bedroom with varied brown stripes. (via Lonny)

24. Vibrant Welcome: Red and white wallpaper energizes this entryway, while dark contrasting accents increase the visual drama. (via Elle Decor)

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