January is going by fast, and it’s been packed with DIY projects, furniture makeovers and major organization. While the new year has amped up our creative minds, we’re back on the 9-to-5 daily grind, despite the chilly temperatures. These commute essentials will keep you entertained and smiling, no matter how many inches of snow you’re hiking through. From new tunes to awe-inspiring athletes, here are the five downloads you need for this week’s commute.

1. Title by Meghan Trainor: We are all about that bass and Meghan Trainor’s latest album, Title. Her upbeat songs will have everyone’s lips moving to her catchy lyrics.

2. Goodreads Reading Challenge: Everyone remembers their fitness and healthy eating resolutions, but what about your book resolutions? Enter your reading goal at Goodreads and it will keep track of all the books you read, remind you of how many you need to reach your goal and even recommend titles for you. Need some extra reading inspiration? Check out BookRiot’s “Read Harder” campaign for new authors to try out.

3. Swackett: Whether you’re in 70 degree or -10 degree winter weather, it’s important to stay warm and toasty for your day. Swackett is full of suggestions for weather-appropriate outfits, no matter what your activity may be. (Free on iOS and Android)

4. Soundrown: It’s crazy how much work can get done with TV, music and other random sounds playing in the background. Soundrown takes this one level deeper with its 10 different sounds, like fire and waves, that you can play simultaneously or separately.

5. Gatorade’s 50th Anniversary Commercial: In honor of their 50th anniversary, Gatorade created this awe-inspiring video with 50 incredible moments from sports history. If you’re looking for an extra boost of inspiration for your workout, this will definitely do the trick.

What will you download this week for your commute? Tell us in the comments below!