In the past several years, brows have become a major beauty focus. Gone are the days of overplucking, a la Jessica Alba in the ‘90s, replaced instead by an era of full, lush brows more akin to Lily Collins or Lucy Hale.

Beauty pioneers are using those full arches to up the ante with trends like barbed wire and pearl brows. But now, social media is fawning over a whole new way to rock their eye frames that looks a lot more complicated than it actually is: braided brows.

It’s basically exactly what it sounds like; plaited arches are achieved with a steady hand and a bent liner pencil, a little glue, or, as some admitted, Photoshop. Check out some of the best examples we found below!

1. Glued-on: Rather than editing in or drawing an illusion of a braid onto the brow, @beautynmalia showed us all how to get the effect by gluing a separate braided strand of hair over the top of her naturally straight brows.

2. Drawn-on: Other beauty mavens are choosing to draw their braids on instead using a bit of brow pomade and BeBella bent liner ($3).

3. Plenty of Sparkle: Add plenty of sparkle around the eyelid for an even more eye-catching look, like @torirayn96 did to create this beauty masterpiece.

4. Less Is More: This version was far more subtle than some other models, with just a hint of an interlocking braid between her natural strands.

5. Pretty in Peach: This makeup artist gave the trend a whirl, adding in plenty of peach shadow for some added oomph.

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(Photo via @lesliebatrezty)