While you reinvent yourself for 2015, why not refresh your resume to match? Beautiful and eye-catching resumes aren鈥檛 just for creative fields of work. As employers鈥 attention spans get shorter, your resume needs to speak louder. Whether your goal is to get your dream job or just get it together this year, creating a new, personalized resume is a great place to start. With the templates on these sites, it鈥檚 super easy to turn your old resume into something that shows potential employers a little personality. This is your聽year!


1.聽Loft Resumes: These stunning resumes were聽made for grabbing your dream employer鈥檚 attention. They are on the pricier side, but they do offer resume writing and reviewing services, as well as custom designs. (via Loft Resumes)


2.聽Hloom: Hloom offers beautiful resumes for those of us with more straight-laced careers. Hey, who said聽professional can鈥檛 be chic? (via Hloom)


3.聽Etsy: You can buy knits and jewelry on Etsy, but did you know you can also buy resume templates? Seriously, there are聽so many awesome templates and so little time! You鈥檒l find a wide range of designs and prices, so we suggest shopping around before you hit 鈥渂uy.鈥 (via Odd Bits Studio)


4.聽Creative Market: These resumes are so cool, we want one for every season. You鈥檒l have no problem finding a template that speaks to you, whether the design you鈥檙e聽looking for is funky or聽super professional. (via Janna Lynn Creative)


5.聽Visual CV: Pump up your personal brand with this 360-degree professional resume builder. Take it for a test drive and upload your current resume. From web to print and back to web, this tool is way beyond cool. (via Visual CV)


6.聽Resumeway: Here, you鈥檒l find a collection of clean and crisp templates for the job seeker who鈥檚 on聽a budget or just not ready to commit to a pricier model.聽Their resumes are perfect for dipping your toes in the creative resume waters. (via Resumeway)


7. Graphicriver: Whether you鈥檙e a DJ or a CEO 鈥 or both! 鈥斅爕ou can find a unique design to stand out of the stack. It鈥檚 like having a ton of graphic designers for friends, only聽they all actually want to help you with your resume. (via Oloreon)


8.聽Cursive Q: The existing templates on this site are fabulous, but if none are calling your name, they鈥檒l customize a unique template for you. It鈥檚 like resume couture.聽(via Cursive Q Designs)


9.聽Orange Resume: On this site, you鈥檒l find totally unique resumes in both print and online formats for literally every career path. For a little extra cash, they鈥檒l transfer the info from your current resume onto the new design for you. (via Orange Resume)


10.聽Spicy Resumes: First off, we love the name. Second, we appreciate how these templates are beautifully designed and wallet friendly. The Spicy downloads are for Photoshop only, so make sure you have the right program before you fall in love with your new resume. (via Spicy Resumes)

Would you use a creative template for your resume? Tell us in the comments below!