After the initial excitement of pregnancy announcement photoshoots and the name game subsides, the daunting task that is the baby registry comes creeping in. Seriously, it can be a real terror sorting through the millions of products and suggestions to narrow your wish list down to things you think you and your baby will need and love. Even worse, most of the time you can’t get everything at one store, so you’re forced to register at more than one place. So time consuming! Thankfully, we have a solution for you.


Last year we introduced you to a company — Cricket’s Circle — looking to change the baby game by becoming *the* resource for moms-to-be. Since our intro, the one-stop site is out of its teething phase and has some exciting updates that will make your pregnancy and new mom life even simpler. That site that you love? It’s now completely shoppable. Today the innovative babyspace company is launching its e-commerce store where users can buy directly from a registry or blog posts without ever having to leave the site. It’s as convenient as giving the baby a paci.


Cricket’s Circle provides users with an interactive registry checklist, creating personalized content to walk them through the buying and registering processes based on their stage of pregnancy and needs.


Cricket’s Circle also provides insight into the best of the best baby products without throwing an overwhelming amount at the user. It also allows users to provide product feedback, turning the site into a virtual community of experts in the area that you’re just taking baby steps into. Thanks for that, Cricket.


With one less thing crossed off your baby-on-the-way to do list, you might just have some extra prep time to make your dream nursery a reality. Get the swatches out and the wall art ready now, folks.


Are you already a Cricket’s Circle user or are you planning on joining the circle? Let us know in the comments.