Have you checked out Brit’s nursery yet? It’s a sunny, vibrant mix of handmade goodness and handpicked decor. All those colors and modern accessories are inspiring us to think of even more ways to create a unique bedroom for the little ones. We’ve shown you TONS of ways to DIY kids’ rooms and now we’re sharing art you can buy to decorate their walls.

1. Bright Lab Lights ($40+): We are head over heels for these cotton ball lights, which look just as good off as they do on. We can’t stop playing with the Create Your Own design page.

2. Personalized Art ($24+): There are hundreds of customizable designs to choose from over at Minted, so you’re bound to find one that fits your kid’s personality. All of the art has been created by independent artists and voted for by the community.

3. Good Hare Day Wall Mirror ($69): Young class clowns will get a good chuckle every morning from this silly framed mirror.

4. Safari Wall Heads ($60+): These papier-mâché heads are totally on-trend and can easily grow with your kid as he matures from a tiny tot into a teen.

6. Vintage Marquee Letters ($130+): Your incredibly talented kid is gonna grow up to be a star, so why not put their name in lights today?

7. Giant World Map ($70): It’s never too early to teach young globetrotters about the wide world around them. We love what Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day did with this enormous map in her kids’ room. The Interactive USA Map makes an even bigger color splash.

8. Wire Script Sculpture ($38+): These hand-forged wire sculptures serve two functions: dressing up a bare wall and teaching your kids to speak French (kind of).

9. Color Brick Decal ($49): What, you thought only grownups could appreciate subway tile? Create your own design and easily add a pop of color with these decals.

10. Gold Bird Shelf Mirror ($79): Anything that makes a child’s room more beautiful and more organized is alright in our book.

11. It’s a Trap Print ($44): Why didn’t someone tell us this sooner?

12. Gold Butterfly Swarm Decal ($24): Add a little glitzy, gilded glam to the walls with these vinyl stickers.

13. Confetti Wall Decals ($30+): If painting the walls is one home improvement project too far, these Polka Dots and Honey Combs make it easy to add a punch of color.

14. Clockephant ($38): Is bedtime a struggle? Sticking to the nighttime routine is way more fun with the help of this hand-crafted fellow.

15. Paper Hearts Print ($29+): How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… This heartwarming print comes all the way from Australia.

16. Stuffed Animal Wall Heads ($168): While we love the animal heads listed above, if delicate papier-mâché is too much of a risk around your ragamuffin, these big softies are the winners.

17. Count to Ten Print ($30): Having a modern print like this around may or may not increase your child’s chances of becoming an expert mathematician, or at least a typography nerd.

18. Eames Hang-It-All Coat Rack ($199): You have to have realistic expectations when you ask them to keep their rooms clean. With a dozen or so hooks on the wall, at least their clothes will be off the floor.

19. Winnie the Pooh Watercolors ($31+) Etsy is the place to shop for tasteful art that will satisfy their brand loyalty and your sense of style. (Seriously, someone even made SpongeBob look trendy.)

What’s going up on your youngin’s wall? Share your favorite pieces of art in the comments.