Summer is on its way, which means it’s time to start planning which poptail recipes to try out and how many campfire cones you and your buds will need for your next bonfire. While picturing the perfect season of sun, M&M’s has a new snack that will bring back all your childhood memories of sleep-away camp. Introducing the Crispy M&M’s S’mores. Can we get a yum-my?

rispy m&m's smores

With the package giving us a peek at three colors of M&M’s, we have to assume these are the chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker flavors that make up the nostalgic treat. Another pic shows the tiny treat popped open, revealing the crispy inside that will provide just the right crunch. With some Internet sleuthing on Junk Banter, we found out that these tasty treats have been tested in select stores as early as April, and if rumors are to be believed, will be hitting shelves nationwide July 15. An early reviewer has touted the treat “amazing how much they taste like graham, marshmallow and (obviously) chocolate.” OMG. Can’t. Wait.

M&M's summer

Offering the same yummy flavor combo without the sticky mess is perfect for when you don’t want your fingers covered with marshmallow goo. But when you’re by the campfire, you can’t deny that getting all marshmallow messy is part of the fun.

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(h/t People, photos via M&M’s)