The shag is a classic cut that became popular during the ’60s and ’70s, but celebs including Kaia Gerber and Karlie Kloss have brought it back recently with natural texture and ample volume. Forget straight strands — curls, messy grit, and serious spirals give this style a totally new look for summer 2017. Check out how tight coils, beachy waves, and tousled twists enhance these 11 shag haircuts.

1. Tight Coils: Show off your shag by letting your naturally defined curls frame your face. The shorter pieces along the side create a flattering silhouette that’s perfect for the wash-and-go vibe (plus, who doesn’t love a low maintenance ‘do?).

2. Majorly Bangin’: Don’t be afraid to rock baby bangs if you’re sporting a curly version of this look. Your twists work with the short snips, highlighting the varying lengths in your locks.

3. Straight Bangs: Just because the rest of your shag is full of tousled waves doesn’t mean that straight bangs won’t work. The tidy fringe and your unkempt mane pair perfectly; it’s a contrast we can’t get enough of.

4. Full and Fab: Good news: Your spirals can shine bright like a diamond when you add a touch of polish and tons of volume to your shag. The shape of this cut keeps the structure full, fab, and carefree.

5. Gradual Bangs: Show your love for layers on layers with a style that embraces bangs and hefty curls. The seamless cut is both versatile and flattering with a dash of throwback appeal.

6. Waves for Days: The windblown vibe of this wavy mane was made for a shag. Letting your locks air dry will only make it look even more perfectly imperfect.

7. Daring Definition: A touch of styling cream will take your coiled shag to new heights — literally. Bring out the best of your hair (the curls, volume, and texture) with a touch of product and let the complimentary cut handle the rest.

8. Short and Sweet: Rock a shorter, wispier version of the trend with this modern look. The natural wave in your strands brings out the short layers in this swaggy, devil-may-care style.

9. Gritty Texture: Don’t fight the frizz — embrace it — if you’re after an edgy, gritty hairdo. This gal’s terrific texture makes for a look that’s totally her own. Oh, and don’t even think about reaching for that hairspray!

10. Crisp Curls: A shoulder-length style is a perfect cut for showcasing standout color and rad ringlets. The short layers allow your full-bodied curls to live their best lives while maintaining structure, so embrace it!

11. Long and Layered: Add a mid-length barrel curl to a long shag for a French girl-approved take. Let your bangs freely flow into the layers along your cheekbones so it’s all one gorgeous, blended look.

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