Cutting Wedding Costs Can Be Key to Staying Married
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Cutting Wedding Costs Can Be Key to Staying Married

Anyone who envisions themselves getting married one day surely sees their wedding being an epic party filled with family, friends and, of course, looove. But when things become too focused on having the perfect dress, the perfect table settings and the perfect venue, things can start to get sticky, especially where the budget is concerned. While some might see no issue with splurging on their big day, it turns out that cutting costs and opting for a minimalist wedding might actually be key to staying married.


According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, with young people already dealing with financial pressures like student loans, it doesn’t make sense to spend like wild when it comes to a wedding. According to research conducted by Emory University researchers Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon, the average couple currently spends around $30,000 on their wedding and reception. This kind of budget-busting puts added strain on a new marriage, when a pair should be basking in wedded bliss, not excessive bills.

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The researchers actually found that men who purchased a more expensive engagement ring were more likely to eventually divorce and that spending $1,000 or less on the wedding gives couples a better chance at a lasting marriage and significantly decreases the likelihood of a split.

Granted, if you happen to be a bajillionaire, throwing an expensive wedding might not put such a strain on your bank account, but the rest of us may want to lean on the frugal side.

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