If you’re ready to take on a gorgeous new color, steer clear of the bleach and wander on over to the dark side. As alluring as blonde may be, brown hair is anything but boring. Whether you’re a natural born blonde or a true brunette bombshell, we’ve found 16 sexy shades from chestnut to black that make it easy for anyone to go dark. Get inspired with these beautiful bronzed hues.

1. Bronde: It’s true, you’re no longer forced to choose between blonde and brunette. Made famous by Gisele Bündchen, “bronde” is the best of both worlds, radiating a warm, summery hue that is quickly becoming a timeless classic. (via Gisele Bündchen)

2. Beachy Brown: With summer-kissed strands of caramel and golden brown, brunette hair takes on that flirty and fun beach appeal. When you’re poolside, this look is perfect to pin up in a pony with wisps of beachy-brown framing your face. Any other time, just Google “Alexa Chung” for inspo. (via Alexa Chung Blog)

3. Gold Tipped: We’re totally loving Jessica Biel’s golden touch to this bombshell bronze hue. If you’re a natural brunette wanting to stay true to your roots but *need* a change, turn to your tips and lighten your ends. This look is modern and trendy, plus it’s easy on your budget because you don’t have to touch up your roots every five weeks! (via Nadine Jolie)

4. Honey Brown: The gold tone trend is shimmering strong and honey brown offers a sweetened, mid-ground hue. This works on blondes wanting to edge over to the dark side and for dark haired beauties to lighten up a little. (via Womens Hair Styles)

5. Golden Brown: For all of you fair skinned beauties out there, golden brown is your most flattering hue. This color lends a beachy feel, illuminated with warm and sunny tones that radiate shine. (via Style Bistro)

6. Caramel: Keep on trend like the queen of caramel hair, JLo with this rich hue. Here’s some good news for gals wanting to take on a similar effect: Whether you’re pale or olive-toned, this summer-kissed color will totally work for you. (via Styloss)

7. Brown Balayage: If you aren’t well-versed in hair color terms, balayage is a rich, brown base color interspersed with highlights of honey and golden blond. If this is the look you’re after, be sure to find a talented stylist who’s an expert in the coloring technique. If you’re not familiar with balayage, it’s a cool way to highlight hair by ditching the traditional foils, allowing the stylist to sweep color directly onto the hair with a paddle. Stylists have more freedom over where they choose to color, creating a natural effect that’s not quite ombre. (via Us Magazine)

8. Toffee: Best in hue, Olivia Palermo knows a thing or two about a toffee-colored mane. If you have a thing for soft waves and curls, creamy toffee hair color will roll right along. (via Day Old News)

9. Monochromatic Brown: Brace yourself for a major adjustment in hair trend history — skip the highlights and get sleek, glossy tresses in uniform, deep, dark shades like espresso, mahogany or chocolate. To be super svelte, be sure to apply a hair oil like this for added sheen. (via Elle)

10. Nutmeg: Turn to your spice cabinet for some darker inspiration and shake things up with this reddish-bronze hue. Just wait, you’ll be reeling in comments on how yummy your hair looks! (via Latest Hairstyles)

11. Chestnut: Now here’s a darker color that anyone can wear. A chocolate base interspersed with reddish highlights add dimension and warmth while radiating a shimmer of gold to lighten things up. Ashley Greene knows how to give her complexion a boost with these big, bouncy curls. (via Her Interest)

12. Cinnamon: Take the plunge and spice things up with a dark and sultry hue in red hot cinnamon. Quick note: Be sure to use a color treated shampoo if you’re a cinnamon girl because this color fades fast. (via Loxabeauty)

13. Warm Russet: Almost auburn, this hair color is right on trend as reddish hues are back with a vengeance. (via Jenny Don’t Be Hasty)

14. Dark Chocolate With Caramel Highlights: One of the most coveted hair trends for brunettes this fall will be dark chocolate locks with caramel highlights. The rich hues of dark chocolate, allow the enticing tone of caramel to shine through, giving dimension and warmth. (via Brown Hair Colours)

15. Dark + Smokey: Get edgy while keepin’ things classy with a dark smokey hue. Sleek, shiny and bold locks swirl with definition and glam while charcoal strands create a backlit effect. Whether you’re feeling prim and proper or punk-rock chic, this smokey color is fit for a confident chick. (via Popsugar)

16. Neutral Black: A raven colored coif never fails on the rich and sultry front. Turn heads with a sleek short style or a little black bob set against porcelain to fair skin. (via Latest Hairstyles)

Looking to change your hair color? Share your fave hue for going dark in the comments below!