If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself about dating? Even better, what do you think that your younger self might have told you if she could see you now? In a fascinating video series from Cosmopolitan, we can now get a sneak peek of that: little girls giving grown women relationship advice. So what are the brilliant words of wisdom they had to share? You might be surprised, but some are very applicable to your adult self.


1. Yes, height (sometimes) matters: We know, we know: dating someone taller can be exciting. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and protected. Hey, it’s okay to admit it.

2. But not as much as being nice: Chemistry might be important, but these little girls know that what truly matters is a person’s character. Kindness counts.

3. Share with your friends: In maybe the most unconventional piece of advice (but, um, maybe we should try it?), the girls suggest simply sharing if you and a BFF have a crush on the same person.

4. Find someone who will help you up when you get hurt: In perhaps one of the sweetest bits of advice, we realize that being with someone who always has your back is really important.

5. Make sure your date is the two Cs: What’s more important than good looks and a good heart? Nothing, apparently, since them being caring + cute is the #1 priority.

6. Have a bad date? Next! Don’t fret when you have a coffee date that just doesn’t pan out or a drink that flops. Instead, just move on to the next awesome person in line.

7. Check that they’re not a bad person: Want to be with someone who is caring, will protect you and is kind? Then first check that they’re quality people. You know, maybe ask for references.

8. America’s Most Wanted or Google? While the girls advise making sure that your sweetie isn’t on AMW, we think possibly opting for a simple Google search is much easier.

9. It takes 1-199 dates to figure out if you’re in love: In the funniest piece of advice, the girls discuss just how long it might take to fall in love. Do you think it’s too soon for a first date?

10. But don’t wait too long: By date 199… well, you might be pregnant! Or at least according to these kids. Sure, anything is possible. So don’t wait too long before you say the L word.

Looking back, there’s probably even more advice that our younger selves might give to our current (slightly?) more mature selves. There’s a special combination of innocence and perception that these little girls demonstrated, and we definitely have some good advice to think about now.

What advice do you think your five-year-old self would give you today? Share with us in the comments below!

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