There are a handful of celebrity Instagram accounts that are modern-day treasures. Miley Cyrus’ psychedelic snaps somehow always seem to make us feel like we’re on a two-second acid trip. The slew of super random Internet memes Britney Spears regularly shares are sure to give you a giggle. But David Beckham… David Beckham’s Instagram account is basically social media gold. Not only does he share the sweetest messages to his kiddos, but he’s also good for a hunky selfie or two (or 10). And hey, if those two things weren’t enough to convince you to hit follow, he’s also just shared the cutest baby pic ever.

david beckham baby pic

David took to Instagram earlier today to wish his sister Joanne a happy birthday with this super sweet throwback pic. He captioned the snap, “Happy birthday sis… Sorry about the pic but you know I love ya… Have an amazing day. One of the sweetest girls you will ever meet that has the biggest heart ..”

We were already feeling like David might secretly be a total softy after he shared that tattoo he got for his daughter and a photo of a father-son date he went on with Brooklyn, but after this adorable pic of him being the nicest big brother ever even way back when, we’re feeling quite certain about that assumption. But hey, we don’t mind one bit. You keep being you, David.

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(Photos via @davidbeckham and Joshua Blanchard/Getty)