Day drinking happens 鈥 especially at brunch and holiday gatherings. Although we love it in theory, day drinking would be *so* much better if we didn鈥檛 have to worry about that wall we hit around dinnertime, thanks to that accidental buzz. And when we throw girls鈥 night in, it鈥檚 all fine and dandy until everyone starts to doze off during the movie. Enter: Day Beer. With a lower alcohol content than most other beers, 24 Hour Beer is bringing us a light and refreshing brew that won鈥檛 send your afternoon or evening down the drain.

inspired by that busy california lifestyle

Is there anything more energetic than that CA vibe? We didn鈥檛 think so. Which is why it makes sense that 24 Hour Beer would release a craft brew straight out of LA for beer lovers who are always on the go. Some ales, albeit delicious, just aren鈥檛 meant for *every* occasion. It鈥檚 hard to sip a dark stout in the sun, and not every palate is open to those hop-heavy IPAs. This crisp beer, at 4.5 percent ABV, is the perfect sipper for any and all occasions whether you鈥檙e off to a cookout, music festival, brunch party, or laid-back girls鈥 night, rec room-style.

who did this?

Music Executives Daron Hollowell, Brent Nichols, and Kelcie Jadkowsi of Ring the Alarm, who鈥檝e worked with artists like Kanye and MIA, founded 24 Hour Beer with a mission to create an approachable lager for beer drinkers who can鈥檛 find their way in the sometimes daunting craft beer world. But that doesn鈥檛 mean this beer is lacking. Nichols describes the taste as simple, straightforward, and inviting 鈥 sign us up!

Bring聽this brew to brunch and girls鈥 night

Lager is dry; it鈥檚 slightly bitter, a little flowery, and a wee bit bread-y. This flavor profile makes it easy to pair with many foods, from brunch faves to evening apps. It goes well with the fattiness of cheeses or salmon, the sweetness of pork, and the savoriness of herbaceous poultry. Not to mention that you could whip up a tasty batch of Micheladas with this good stuff! So the next time you鈥檙e making plans with your brunch bunch or inviting a few gals over for a chill evening, grab a six-pack of Day Beer to introduce to your crew.

What鈥檚 your fave girls鈥 night brew? Would you give Day Beer a shot? Let us know by tweeting us @BritandCo!

(Photos via 24 Hour Beer)