We’re always looking for exciting new chicken recipes to jazz up our usual menu. Most us eat it all the time, whether we plunk some into the slow cooker or make recipes all week from a rotisserie chicken. But the classic roast version doesn’t have to be a drag. With a little love (and a lot of seasoning), it’s the perfect centerpiece for your next dinner party or for an easy but delicious home-cooked meal. These 22 roast chicken recipes will make you fall back in love with your favorite bird.


1. Honey Roasted Chicken and Figs: This recipe calls for a sweet and tangy mixture of figs, honey, red pepper, and red wine vinegar, for chicken that’s dinner-party perfect. (via Kevin Is Cooking)


2. Roasted Thai Massaman Chicken: Marinated in Thai Massaman curry paste, this chicken gets a lovely bronze color while roasting. Then, it’s served with a rich Thai gravy, perfect for drizzling over every last bite. (via Sprinkles and Sprouts)


3. One-Pot Coconut Milk Roasted Chicken: Roasting chicken in coconut milk leads to an exceptionally juicy, tender bird. Coconut milk can also stand up to heavy seasoning, so a generous amount of garlic, ginger, chilis, and other spices are added to make this an extra-flavorful dish. (via The Hungry Bluebird)


4. Mushroom Au Jus Herbed Chicken: Sometimes gravy just won’t cut it. Herb-roasted chicken is paired with a rich mushroom au jus instead in this hearty recipe. (via Foraged Dish)


5. Bacon and Sage Roasted Chicken: Instead of roasting a huge bird, this recipe calls for two smaller chickens. The result, draped in bacon and sage, makes chicken look downright elegant. (via Lau Sunday Cooks)


6. Black Chai Glazed Chicken: Fragrant black chai gives this chicken recipe a unique flair. It’s mixed with honey, sage, and lemon, to make for a bird that’s beautifully bronzed and flavorful. (via Jernej Kitchen)


7. Holiday Spiced Roast Chicken: Holiday spices aren’t just for lattes. They give this moist roast chicken loads of warm, spicy flavor — you’ll be powerless in the face of these leftovers. (via Nutritionist Meets Chef)


8. Apple Cider Maple Roast: While the recipe calls for a turkey, it can be used for chicken too — cook it at the same temperature for less time, until the meat registers 165 degrees. (via For the Chef)


9. Red Wine Roasted Chicken: It seems like beef gets all the red wine love in the kitchen, but it works just as well with chicken. This roast has a rich red wine flavor, perfect for special occasions or nights when you just want to treat yourself. (via Port and Fin)


10. Spicy Butterflied Chicken With Sweet Potato Wedges: For chicken that roasts up quickly but stays nice and juicy, try spatchcocking. This spicy butterflied chicken is roasted with lemon and garlic, every inch of the bird covered in flavor. (via Super Golden Bakes)


11. Pomegranate Lemon Roasted Chicken: This roasted chicken has a Mediterranean flair. It’s roasted with pomegranate, garlic, and lemon, proving once more that fruit and poultry are a match made in heaven. (via Salt & Lavender)


12. Crispy Cranberry Herb Butter Butterflied Chicken: Cranberry herb butter gives any roasted poultry a flavorful, crispy exterior. To make this with chicken instead of turkey, follow the same instructions, cooking until the chicken’s internal temp is 165 degrees. (via Host the Toast)


13. Five Spice Roasted Chicken: Skip the takeout and make this easy roasted chicken instead. It’s coated in a five spice powder, soy sauce, and honey glaze, giving you the flavors you crave at home. (via Macheesmo)


14. Orange Cranberry Spatchcocked Chicken: Lemon is a natural pairing with chicken, but try branching out with oranges and cranberries instead. Sweet and tangy, this roasted chicken dish is anything but boring. (via Reclaiming Yesterday)


15. Bacon Herb Oven Roasted Chicken: Slather your chicken in a savory bacon butter, filled with herbs and seasonings. Just cook it until the internal temp is 165, the juices run clear, and the skin is browned and beautiful. (via Jelly Toast Blog)


16. Pomegranate Roasted Jerk Chicken: Fiery jerk spices amp up the flavor of this chicken in a big way. Pomegranate and lime help cut through the fire, adding a fruity tang to the dish. (via A Calculated Whisk)


17. Whole Roasted Tandoori Chicken: This chicken is marinated twice, making for an incredibly tender, moist roast. Citrus, spices, ginger, and garlic are followed by a spicy yogurt marinade, and the chicken that comes out of the oven is practically begging to be eaten. (via Happy & Harried)


18. Vietnamese Chicken Roast: Skip the humdrum seasonings and opt for these explosive Vietnamese flavors instead. Humble roast chicken becomes an extraordinary meal when seasoned with a mixture of lemongrass, fish sauce, ginger, orange juice, and chilis in this recipe. (via A Saucy Kitchen)


19. Dry Brined Curry Spiced Chicken: Roasted chicken gets even better when you expand your spice cupboard to include curry powder, white pepper, and allspice. (via African Bites)


20. Sheet Pan Maple Mustard Roasted Chicken: If you like honey mustard, get ready for a treat. This maple mustard chicken is sweet, rich, and tangy, and roasts up easily on a sheet pan along with some veggies, to make for a full meal. (via The Chunky Chef)


21. Garlic Thyme Roast Chicken With Cauliflower: Making dinner in your cast iron skillet is an easy, fuss-free way to get dinner on the table. This recipe features a juicy garlic-thyme chicken, along with cauliflower, which gets browned and delicious as it cooks. (via Abra’s Kitchen)


22. Parmesan Crusted Garlic Butter Roasted Chicken: The Parmesan gets toasty and delicious, and along with the garlic butter, makes this juicy chicken the stuff dreams are made of. (via Little Kitchen Big World)

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