If you’re anything like us, finding the perfect movie to watch during girls’ night has become something akin to a scavenger hunt from hell. Not only does your search have to include all the options on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, but you can’t count out regular old cable and the *thousands* of movies to buy or rent on iTunes too. Basically, what once began as a relaxing movie night with friends turns into a four-hour search for the one movie in existence that everyone wants to watch. We won’t have to suffer anymore, thanks to a brand new website and free app that’s giving movie lovers a break from the stress of searching for their next favorite flick.

Feelm (pronounced “film,” not “feeeeeelm”) is an awesome new platform that gives movie buffs a hand-selected list of flicks to watch based on their current mood. Whether you feel like some “cold-blooded revenge” or would rather cry through a flick with “all the feels,” Feelm provides their users with a manageable list of must-see movies that everyone will actually want to watch. And best of all, it’s completely free.

Once you find a category and film that you think you want to watch, there’s a ton of sweet extras to peruse before you actually press play. Right on the movie’s homepage you get easy access to the film’s rating, release date, trailer, and Rotten Tomatoes score. Then once you click “watch now,” the app will give you a super simple list of all the streaming services that already play the movie (plus, a direct link to buy it on iTunes if you don’t already pay for one of the services). BRB, if you need us, we’ll be getting cozy watching movies all weekend.

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(Featured photo via Brit + Co)