It鈥檚 definitely an understatement to say that peeps are in a state of shock after last night鈥檚 presidential vote, and while we try to adjust to our new political sitch, Demi Lovato 鈥 who tends to temporarily quit social media in part due to the backlash over her controversial comments 鈥 is apologizing (something she鈥檚 been doing a lot lately) for her Election Day joke that ended up being an epic #fail.

Demi Lovato

Taking to Twitter, Demi made a bold joke, playing on Donald Trump鈥檚 infamous, offensive 鈥減u$$y鈥 comment. It鈥 wasn鈥檛 well received. Fans and foes both pointed out that sexual assault is nothing to joke about, especially when we鈥檙e talking about the (now) future president.

As all social media-savvy peeps know well, tweets can be deleted in a split second (though it took Demi a few hours to realize this message wasn鈥檛 going over well at all), but screenshots last forever.

Demi has since apologized (natch), but like most situations like this, it鈥檚 kinda too little, too late. Plenty of folks were less than pleased with the comment, though others were willing to let it roll, saying, 鈥減eople will always be offended no matter what, keep slaying <3.鈥

Note: When the sitch is this serious, perhaps it鈥檚 best not to make risky jokes. That is, unless you鈥檙e into the inevitable backlash.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)