The celebrity love-hate relationship with social media goes on. While we love using social to follow along with everything in our faves鈥 day-to-day lives, like the sneak peek one Gilmore Girls star shared on IG, we can see why it can be absolutely exhausting for celebrities to watch their phones blow up every time they post anything on their favorite sites. And with 鈥渇ans鈥 being comfortable spouting all sorts of negativity from behind the safety of their computers, we totally get why celebs may not want to update their accounts or delete them altogether. Singer and actress Demi Lovato has now done just that, quitting Twitter and Instagram.

Taking to her Twitter account, Lovato announced she would be leaving both there and Instagram. The responses give us a good glimpse of why she鈥檚 fed up with the negative feedback on her accounts.

While many fans were upset, some responded by calling her names and saying 鈥済ood riddance.鈥 No one deserves to be made to feel badly when they are working so hard at being open, honest and kind, the way Demi has been on social media. Her Instagram account is an inspiration for body positivity and we鈥檒l be sad to see her go.


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While we鈥檙e not sure if this is a break or a breakup, it does come hot on the heels of Demi鈥檚 split from longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama , and the passing of her Mimaw a few weeks before that. A little shining light on this, though, is that Demi has assured us she will stay on Snapchat for now, since the app doesn鈥檛 force her to see all the negative comments in her timeline the way Twitter and IG can.

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