You know what can be just as controversial as discussing politics? Debating baby names. Whether it’s celeb babies, trendy vs. unique names or even naughty vs. nice ones, we’re all about them, even if we’re stirring the pot. So when baby name app Nametrix released its findings on which names typically belong to Democrats and Republicans, we voted it a must-share.


Nametrix gathered its info by sorting political affiliations by name from Federal Election Commission data. Whether you dub your baby George or crown him Obama might not actually affect his stance on gun control, but this just-for-fun study at the very least shows (as the site states): “Democrat parents prefer certain names and Republican parents prefer others.” See the top names for each parties below and let us know if the red vs. blue rings true for YOU!

Most Republican Names


1. Delbert

2. Duane

3. Bailey

4. Brittney

Most Democratic Names






See the entire list (and the beautiful charts) on Nametrix’s blog.

Does your child’s name land in the Democratic or Republican party? Let us know in the comments.

(Image via @thebritmorin)