What鈥檚 in a name? A lot! That鈥檚 part of why deciding what to call your baby can be so tough 鈥 names are typically forever, and you want your child鈥檚 name to fit into what you value! If you鈥檙e having trouble settling on a baby name, think about who you are as a person. Are you old-fashioned, or do you love all things modern? Are you practical and straight-to-the-point, or do you like to take a walk on the wild and whimsical side? Would you rather blaze a trail or honor important traditions? And, most importantly, what鈥檚 your Myers-Briggs type? Not surprisingly, we think your personality type 鈥 and all the preferences and quirks therein 鈥 can predict the type of baby name you might choose. Here are our best suggestions, type by type.


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Practical to their core, an ISTJ is the type of personality who values tradition and structure above all else. A traditional family name might be a good fit for the ISTJ, or perhaps a name tied to your cultural background. At the end of the day, we see the ISTJ choosing a thoughtful, historical name rooted in tradition, like Harriet or Frederick.


Just like their ISTJ cousin, the ISFJ is big on conventions and tradition, but this personality also boasts a love for nostalgia. So while the ISFJ might opt for an old-school baby name, they might sway a little more toward vintage than historical 鈥 think June for a girl or Hank for a boy.


An idealistic and sensitive nurturer, the INFJ is likely to think long and hard about their child鈥檚 name and how it might affect them down the road. A deep and meaningful name 鈥 like any of these names that mean 鈥減eace鈥 (e.g., Axel or Paxton) 鈥 would be right up the reflective INFJ鈥檚 alley.


For the ever-strategic INTJ, life is complicated, and that鈥檚 a good thing. Since efficiency is so important to this problem-solving personality 鈥 along with a little nuance and complexity 鈥 they鈥檇 probably be into a modern, gender-neutral name like Arlo or Beryl.


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ISTPs are natural explorers. Driven by their five senses, this spontaneous, flexible type loves a good thrill, whether building something just to take it apart or exploring the great outdoors. One of these explorer-inspired baby names, such as Sawyer or River, would be a great tribute to this personality鈥檚 love for exploring the world around them.


Down-to-earth and sensitive, ISFPs connect deeply with the world around them, and themselves, through sensory experiences. A bright and colorful baby name 鈥 like Jade or Jasper 鈥 fits the ISFP鈥檚 quirky, artistic persona.


The poet of the Myers-Briggs spectrum, the INFP highly values self-expression and individualism. This personality鈥檚 deeply emotional side would lend itself to a soulful, offbeat baby name, like any of these names inspired by nature. (We鈥檙e big fans of Fern and Forrest for the INFP.)


The INTP is a lifelong learner. Everywhere they go, they鈥檙e looking for new opportunities to stretch and grow their knowledge. It wouldn鈥檛 surprise us if this personality went for a literary baby name, such as Holden or Scout, in honor of their favorite book.


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Goal-oriented and ambitious to the core, the ESTP is more style-conscious than other personality types. Chances are, this go-getter type would be inspired to choose an equally ambitious (yet still on-trend) name for their offspring 鈥 maybe even a royal baby name like Charlotte or George.


Known for being warm and hospitable, this personality also loves to entertain others with their creativity, sense of humor, and lively personality 鈥 so it would make sense for them to choose something a little surprising, like one of these magical names from Harry Potter, such as Luna or Sybill.


A spontaneous, vibrant, and extroverted feeler, the ENFP would be likely to choose a crowd-pleasing baby name with a little extra personality for oomph 鈥 think Hayden or Rowan or any of these trend-setting gender neutral names.


If any personality would choose a hip, minimalist baby name, it鈥檚 probably the ENTP. Something equally simple and inventive, like Remy or Ziza, would show off the ENTP鈥檚 penchant for innovation and new ideas while embracing the way they value independent thinking.


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Fueled by their strong personality and analytical tendency, it鈥檚 no surprise why this MBTI type is nicknamed 鈥淭he Executive.鈥 This personality would be a big fan of a strong, powerful baby name that reflects their ambition, like Athena for a girl or Maximus for a boy.


Easygoing yet outgoing feelers who treasure the beauty they experience in the world around them, people who fall under this personality type would be into a unique, sunny baby name that reflects their positive, sensory-driven personality 鈥 think Blaine, which means 鈥測ellow鈥 in Gaelic, or the ever-feminine Daisy.


The ENFJ is friendly, giving, and charismatic 鈥 the MBTI鈥檚 protagonist. A well-worn unisex baby name, like Quinn or Avery, would be both a generous gift to this personality鈥檚 offspring and a tribute to their own diplomatic personality.


The ENTJ is a little intense at first, but it鈥檚 all for a good reason. This personality type is highly visionary and driven, which makes for a unique baby name choice. Bonus points if it鈥檚 a word name or celebrity baby name, like Saint or Rocket.

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