For most, booking an Airbnb is a relatively easy process. Find somewhere that looks awesome, then request it and bam. You’re usually good to go. But sadly, it appears as though it’s not quite as simple for members of the LGBT community. LA-based artist Shadi Petrosky recently found this out the hard way.

After an Airbnb host denied Shadi for being transgender, Shadi posted the interaction on Twitter. She explains that this happened a little while ago, but she posted it recently because “Airbnb is under scrutiny for discriminatory stuff, and they didn’t do anything.” However, after her Tweet received over 1,500 retweets and 1,100 likes, the rental company took notice.

It appears they reacted to the situation by disabling the hosts’ account. However, that wasn’t quite the result Shadi was after. In a follow-up tweet, she writes, “Nobody asked me but I don’t think @airbnb should have banned the host without notice — would rather see education / compromise.”

As with anything that goes viral, Shadi’s tweet has received a lot of support, as well as a lot of insensitive comments. It’s been almost exactly a year since gay marriage was legalized nationwide, but in the wake of this interaction and the tragedy that recently occurred in Orlando, it sadly looks like we have a long way to go in terms of LGBT acceptance.

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(Featured image via Airbnb)