That’s right. We’re about to seriously school you on the art of portraiture, using nothing but a photo, your computer, and our trusty friend, Adobe Illustrator. In our brand new class, Digital Illustration: Turn Your Photos Into Art, artist and designer Kristin Berry will teach you how to create your own digital portrait art using a photograph.

Not familiar with Berry? We first fell for this talented artist when Brit + Co Founder and CEO Brit Morin found her on Etsy and worked with her to create the cutest family holiday cards ever. After that, we brought Berry to SF to teach all y’all how to turn our cute cuddly fur babies into playful pieces of art in our Digital Pet Illustration Class. And now, we’re back!

In Berry’s latest Digital Illustration class, you’ll be surprised and delighted by how just a few simple steps can result in a custom piece of art. It’s a great creative skill to learn for creating wedding invitations, holiday cards, birthday gifts, or wall art for your home. Plus, if you want to change the color of your shirt or add in a crazy color background, she’ll teach you how to do that too. There are endless ways you can customize your digital illustration, and this class will show you all the tips and tricks you need.

In the 82-minute online class, we’ll teach you:

  • The best way to organize your Adobe Illustrator workspace
  • How to illustrate the human form from the face all the way to the outfit
  • Tips on how to add special touches to make your illustration unique and personalized

Once you enroll in the class, it’s yours to take on-demand, meaning you can watch it whenever (and at your own pace). Students will also get access to a design class that will have you learning from a pro. You’ll also get to download an exclusive course workbook that will help guide you through the class.

Sounds amazing, right? So find your most portrait-worthy photo and enroll in Digital Illustration: Turn Photos Into Art TODAY!

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