Starbucks may be the current masters of Instagram-worthy drinks (we’re lookin’ at you, mythically marvelous Mermaid Frapp and gorgeous Pink Ombre deliciousness), but Disney World is certainly giving them a run for their money with a new drink that tops even the Unicorn Frappuccino in pretty much *every* way possible.

Friends, let us introduce you to The Night Blossom. Available exclusively (for the time being) at Disney World’s Pongu Pongu Lounge as part of the celebration and promotion of their new (and beyond stunning) Pandora: World of Avatar ride, this has truly taken the Instagrammable drink trend up a level.

We’d try this bevvy based on looks alone, but it sounds pretty scrumptious, to boot: The perfectly pretty concoction is created using layers of limeade mixed with apple and desert pear flavors (yum!) and topped off with passion fruit boba balls.

According to the folks over at Cosmo, the result is a taste akin to sour Skittles (“sugary sweet with a layer of tart sour flavor on top”), with fans of the park comparing it to the old school Violet Lemonade drink that was sold for a limited time at Epcot.

Seriously, though: LOOK AT THIS THING!

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; Photo via Handout/Getty)