The Instagram-worthy Starbucks drinks — we’re tossing heart-eyes-emoji your way, Unicorn Frappucino and Mermaid Frapp — just keep coming, and this time it’s all about that sweet ombre vibe. Prep your taste buds for the Pink Ombre Drink. It’s currently a secret menu item that’s just starting to pop up on social media, and there are actually two ways to hack this bevvy that surely tastes as good as it looks.


With buzz saying that this will become a featured beverage on the official menu starting May 31, you have just a few days to score an ombre-drink Instagram post before your besties, though you’ll have to decide for yourself if you want to try Pink Ombre Drink #1, Pink Ombre Drink #2, or both (we’re pretty sure it’s a safe bet to say both).

Based on the back-in-the-day Pink Drink (which was quickly followed by the rest of the rainbow), the Pink Ombre Drink #1 tops off the original mixture with Iced Passion Tea. Creating a layered (or ombre) effect, it’s as delicious to look at as it surely is to taste.

Pink Ombre Drink #2 starts instead with a tall Cool Lime Refresher in a grande cup, and merely requires you to ask for the water to be substituted with coconut milk and then topped off like option #1, with Iced Passion Tea.

Yum? Yum! Just remember to take a pic before you enjoy your first sip.

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Joe Raedle/Getty)