Final papers and presentations are being finished up and turned in, which means it’s finally time to look forward to that day you and your best friend have been waiting for since your first day of high school or the day you moved into your dorm: graduation. Over the last four or so years, you have built bonds with your bestie that will last a lifetime. So, as the day when “Pomp and Circumstance” will fill your ears approaches, show off your love for your best friend with clever and personal graduation cap designs! Need some ideas? Keep scrolling for 11 graduation caps that will give your dynamic duo some creative inspo for your high school or college graduation ceremony.

1. Literary Love: There is no fault in these graduation caps. Grab some glue and rhinestones to create gorgeous, shining grad caps for you and your BFF.

2. Movie Maven: Are you and your bestie major film buffs? Show off your love for the silver screen by featuring your favorite storylines on your cap.

3. Potterheads: Ditch your muggle alma mater for something a little more magical. Add some House crests to your cap to display your love for the Wizarding World.

4. Army Avengers: A cap built for a superhero? Yes, please. You and your bestie *need* to embrace your inner Captain America and Iron Man with a set of Avengers-themed graduation caps.

5. Future Focused: Looking forward to your not-so-far-away future? Display your big post-graduation plans for everyone at your commencement to see.

6. Meaningful Majors: You spent the last few years working hard for your deg90ree, so why not show it off? Snag some letters and glue and boast your love for your major.

7. Party Patrons: There are two things that definitely helped you get through your senior year of college: best friends and alcohol. Pay tribute to both of these staples with witty caps like these.

8. Supportive Soulmates: Support systems are hard to come by, but once you’ve found your person, you’re set for life. Be your best friend’s cheerleader by using your graduation cap to show them how grateful you are for their helping hand.

9. Career Confidants: Already decided what you and your BFF are going to spend the rest of your lives doing? Then wear your #careergoals loud and proud on your caps.

10. Pop Culture Pals: Are iconic movies and TV shows your jam? Find your favorite complementary quotes and add them to your squad’s caps to get some serious brownie points just like Glen Coco.


11. Lyrical Ladies: With the new Drake album having just come out, it’s the perfect time to give your graduation audience a *view* to remember with clever song lyrics on your and your best friend’s cap. (via Total Sorority Move)

What are you thinking about adding to your graduation cap? Share your scholarly DIY with us on Instagram and make sure to use the hashtag #iamcreative!