Most of us don’t attend costume theme parties every weekend, so Halloween, while fun, can also present a sticky challenge. But we don’t need to drop big bucks for a store-bought costume that we will never wear again — and what fun is that, anyway? All of the supplies for a good couples costume are right at our fingertips — and we’re not talking sexy fill-in-the-blank for her and a “this is my costume” t-shirt for him. Here are 100 DIY costumes for couples, one more clever than the next.

Pop culture largely influences the Halloween costumes we see, so we can look to this year’s movies, TV shows, celebrities, politicians and scandals for creative costume ideas. Last year Inside Out, the Disney children’s film, provided lots of fun inspiration. Here’s a DIY tutorial for how to make the costumes at home. Choose two, and you’ve got your couple’s costume. Invite some friends to join in and represent the whole cast. Group costumes are fun and spark conversation at a party. Here are 100 additional ideas for group halloween costumes.

So what are the pop culture influences we will see show up at Halloween 2016? American Horror story is always good for scary costume ideas, and this season is said to be a revisitation of some past characters. The movie The Witch frightened even Stephen King. And the release of the Marvel film Deadpool is a sure bet to inspire a wave of comic-book hero costumes this year. Look to the upcoming 2016 Wizard World Comic Con in February for a taste of what to expect in October, as the conventions are increasingly about “cosplay” — “costume” and “play.”

Or just represent movies in general, by going as Netflix + Chill. Here’s a DIY tutorial for that.

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(Photo via Chris Andre)