Denim makes for great DIY material. There are so many ways to upgrade it for the latest fashion trend! As July gets closer and we start to think about what we’re going to rock during the Fourth of July, our denim clothes come to mind. This year, we’re sprucing up our old denim shirt! My go-to upgrade article is denim shorts, so I am obsessed with this idea, since a denim shirt is so much more versatile than a pair of shorts. Add some stars and stripes to this piece and throw it on top of a sundress or bathing suit, or go crazy and rock it with a pair of DIY patriotic shorts ;)


Materials + Tools:

— denim shirt

— red and white fabric paint

— craft foam

— paint brushes

— pen

— scissors

— tape



1. Use tape to create stripes on the right side of your denim shirt.

2. Mix fabric paint with water to create a wash and paint in between the tape lines.

3. Once dry, remove the tape and paint the remaining stripes with a white wash.

4. Cut out a star from craft foam and use as a stencil on the left side of the shirt.


Use masking tape to create straight, even stripes on the right side of your denim shirt. Mix your fabric paint with a little bit of water to create a wash and start filling in the spaces between the tape lines. Once dry, remove the tape and fill in the spaces with your secondary color.


Draw a star onto craft foam and cut it out with scissors. Use this as your stencil and paint stars all over the left side of your denim shirt.


We love this piece as an extra layer for all summer outfits. A denim shirt is the perfect weight for a summertime jacket. Two hands up for warm summer nights :)


Leave it open and pair with a white tank, or…


Button it up for a complete American Flag look :)

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Model: Sarah Vogt
Photography: Chris Andre