Looking for a simple DIY gift for that planning fanatic of a friend? Look no further than our desktop calendar DIY, a fresh take on a calendar that your pal *won’t* have to toss at the end of the year. This project is super easy to crank out and will definitely add joy to any workspace it graces. Scroll on for the tutorial!


Tools + Materials:

– wooden box

– colored card stock

– wrapping paper

– 3 C hooks

– scissors

– hole puncher

– ruler

– Mod Podge

– thick pen (we used a calligraphy pen, but a Sharpie will do the trick)

– pencil

– paint brush


Here we go!


Start by cutting your colored card stock into 26 small cards. You want to make sure that your box can comfortably fit three of these cards lengthwise.


If you like, cut the edges of the top of each card so that they look like tags.


Write the days of the month on 12 of the cards, and numbers on the rest (you’ll need zero through three twice). Punch a hole in the top center of each tag.


Measure and cut your wrapping paper so that it fits neatly in the base of your box. Paint Mod Podge onto the box’s base, then carefully press your piece of gift wrap into place. Let dry.


Next, line up three cards in the base of your box to gauge where each C hook should go.


Make a mark with your pencil, then carefully screw in each hook. We suggest that they sit toward the opening of the box.


Add the tags to each hook. And you’re done!


No doubt, your friend is going to adore this li’l desktop cal. And it’ll be a great friendship reminder all year long :)

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DIY Production and Styling: Maddie Bachelder

Photography: Chris Andre