As a daughter for 24 years, I’ve gathered that moms are all about personalized gifts — and we agree! The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart or are handmade. If you haven’t noticed, the gals at Brit HQ and I are falling more and more in love with embroidery every day. So today, with the skills we learned from Embroidery 101 and the inspiration we found from the ladies at Wooly Tattoo, we created a modern floral robe that you can gift to mom for Mother’s Day. If Mom isn’t the robe type of gal, no worries! Try custom embroidered sneakers, an embroidered pillow or everyone’s favorite: a cute spring scarf.


Materials + Tools:

— various colors of embroidery floss

— embroidery needle


— embroidery hoop

— scissors

— pen



1. Decide where you want to add your personalized embroidery — we chose the collar, but you could also embroider on the pockets.

2. Sketch out your plan for embroidery on a piece of scrap paper. String your needle with your desired color thread and begin stitching. Scroll down below to learn basic embroidery stitches, or learn in our class Embroidery 101!



By using a basic stitch you can create any size or type of triangle. Try adding two different shades of thread to create a thick, bold pattern. Pro tip: Triangles are a great way to add flair to a large section of fabric. We used these shapes as our updated leaves for our floral embroidery.

Lazy Daisy


Start with your thread on the front side of fabric, poke it down into the fabric right next to where it started and then bring the needle back through the fabric about an inch away. The distance depends on the length you want your petal. Wrap your thread around the needle once, and then pull to start forming the petal. Anchor the stitch back down into the fabric to secure the petal. Make about eight of these in a circle to create your daisy.

French Knot


Start with the thread emerging from the top and then wrap the thread around the needle four times. Stick the needle back through the fabric right next to where it emerged. Hold the thread in your left hand while you pull the thread with your right hand to create a nice tight knot.


Modern day floral embroidery FTW!


Cameron was happy to step in to test out this Mother’s Day robe, since she knew her four-year-old daughter would not be gifting something like this to her for awhile ;)


Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Chris Andre
Model: Cameron Rivinus

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