We have a new creative hero, and it’s this handy guy who decided to build his girlfriend’s engagement ring. We’ve heard of DIY save-the-dates, DIY party favors and even finding ways to DIY farm-to-table food at the reception, but making your own bling when your name isn’t Neil Lane is pretty unique. This incredibly talented guy, known only as Jarvicious, DIYed his fiancée’s engagement ring and posted his experience from start to finish on Imgur, where it quickly went viral. The Internet has spoken: It’s so profesh, it looks like it could’ve been store bought.


In his post, Jarvicious admitted he’d only ever “toyed with jewelry and small metal artistry in college,” which apparently was well over 10 years before. He began by practicing sizing on copper pieces.


Next, he mocked up some practice settings. Here’s one of his early prototypes. IMHO, it’s already looking pretty good.


Then he practiced joint soldering to make the ring as seamless as possible. Jarvicious writes, “I frankly had no idea what size I was going for here, I was more just looking to practice my joint soldering.” For this segment, he made several prototypes. Luckily, sterling silver stock is “damn cheap.” Who knew?


His next move is one for the books. He swiped his girlfriend’s favorite ring for sizing. He wrote, “Sneaky boyfriendses. I had no clue what size ring she wore so I had to wait until she forgot to wear her favorite ring to work to get a reading. It came in at around 5 3/4 so I shot for a 6.”


And here is the ring + setting + stone, almost complete. The final step was to get it polished at the jeweler so that it truly sparkled.


And voilà! He decided to set it with a half-carat Moissanite stone. He specified that he has nothing against real diamonds, “but considering the state of our remodeled house at the moment and the fact that she’s still in school I felt it prudent to think frugally.”


Good thinking ahead! And prudent he was. The total cost of the ring to make was just under $180, though including all the practice materials, the number is closer to $300. But the labor of love that went into it? Priceless.

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(Photos via Imgur)