You want to leave your guests walking away from your wedding bash with a thoughtful token of your appreciation, but you are probably finding that wedding favors can be tough to get just right. You want to appeal to the wide range of styles, ages, tastes and cultures that suit your guests. And at a time when you are laying out money like you are some kind of ATM machine, you might also be hoping to be thrifty about it. You can make it special. Here are 22 wedding favors you can buy or DIY and these 12 favors are all under $2.

Favors tend to be one aspect of the wedding where bride and groom get to have some fun. Even if you didn’t inherit the crafty gene, you can still put your individual stamp on things with these 12 super easy DIY wedding favors.

While many ideas you see seem suitable for summer brides, we’ve got off-season weddings covered with fall favors and winter favors. And here are 21 more that are DIY.

When in doubt, an edible wedding favor is always appreciated. Who doesn’t like a tempting morsal? Make it something original. Among these 17 edible favors there’s sure to be one your guests will be talking about the next day.

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