Raise your hand if you feel like May was just yesterday and you are constantly pondering where in the world 2015 has gone! We get it — we are too. This year has flown by, but mainly because it was filled with so many great moments. We started 2015 off with #31daysofDIY, then worked our way into a season of pineapples and then busted out our best costumes for the most epic Halloween ever! Finally we’ve arrived to holiday season and are ready to curl up by the fire and exchange gifts. As a lover of everything and anything crafty, I picked some of my favorite DIY projects that would also make incredible gifts. Pick your favorite series on Netflix and bust out a weekend of making for this holiday season: here are the 15 DIY gifts you should make for every member of your stylish squad.


1. Nail Polish Accessories: Nail polish is one of the best ways to update accessories and give them brand new flair. We purchased this nail polish from Forever 21 along with a wallet, sunglasses and sandals. Grab a few inexpensive accessories and personalize them with nail polish for the gals on your gift list. (via Brit + Co)


2. Chain Dipped Earrings: This tutorial happens to be in a different language, but it is very easy to follow. Grab some thin chain and use E6000 to glue into a brass ribbon end. Dip the end of the chain into your favorite color of paint. Make sure you separate the chains from each other when they are drying so it doesn’t turn into one huge clump :) (via Gloria Fort)


3. Color Wrapped Bracelets: One of the key elements I look for in style is the use of textures. This is why I love these bracelets – color and texture in a custom-sized bangle for my wrist. Yes, yes, yes! This kit makes three bracelets, so either gift a stack of coordinating bangles to your number one bestie or split it up for your three main chicks. (via Brit + Co)


4. Gold Foil Brushstroke Clutch: Gilded in gold? Yes please! Gold leaf is another great DIY tool to make inexpensive accessories look like a million bucks. Go the abstract route with large gold brush strokes or more classy with a gold leaf monogram. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)


5. Wrapped Necklace: We never thought these three materials could look that good. I’ve been obsessed with these wrapped rope necklaces for a while now. It’s the perfect statement piece for a holiday party LBD. (via Brit + Co)


6. Marbled Clutch: Normally we are all about leather and gold, but this marbled vinyl tablet case is something to talk about! You can make this case for any tablet, phone or laptop. Make one for me please! (via For the Makers)


7. Arm Knit Scarf: Ladies and gentlemen, I will be the first to let you know that arm knitting isn’t the easiest, but once you learn, you will have the skill forever. Each scarf takes one to two skeins of yarn (depending on the thickness you desire) and about 30 minutes. Your friends will be amazed that you knitted this using just your arms. (via Brit + Co)


8. Leather Bucket Bag: I am still in love with this leather bucket bag DIY. This is the perfect gift for the gal who has everything, because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a leather bucket bag hand made by her BBF. (via Brit + Co)


9. No Sew Blanket Cape: Have a best friend who most likely has an awful winter in her future? Well, this is a DIY you must gift to her. Choose a nice warm jersey to create this blanket cape and you won’t have to worry about hemming any edges. (via A Pair and a Spare)


10. Quartz Necklace: Gems and druzys were all the rage in 2015 jewelry fashion, and we do not see that changing anytime soon. This gold and quartz necklace will pretty much match anything in your closet. Believe me – I wear mine four days per week. (via Brit + Co)


11. Steve Rope Necklace: Hardware stores are actually one of the greatest places for jewelry inspiration. This statement piece is made from three basic supplies — rope, brass tubing and contact paper. This is a great gift to make if you’re on a budget. (via For the Makers)


12. Woven Necklace: Another huge trend of 2015 was weaving, and we can’t get enough of this mini woven necklace. Attaching the top of the piece to a rectangular bead of clay was a genius idea to make sure the piece lays flat when worn. (via Enthralling Gumption)


13. Wooden Bracelet Jewelry Box: Um – this is an amazing use of an old bangle. Why didn’t we think of that? This is being added to my holiday DIY list for sure. Repurpose those old chunky bangles you don’t use anymore into the cutest little jewelry dish. Gild it in gold and top it off with a clay top – your friends will never know it’s DIY. (via Damask Love)


14. Anthropologie Earring Hack: There’s no doubt about it – we (and just about everyone on the planet) love a good Anthro hack. Pick up a bunch of flat-backed gems to recreated this sparkly ear accessory. (via Brit + Co)


15. Emoji Clutch: Your techy best friend will lose her mind over a hand-made emoji clutch. The list of emoji possibilities is endless – but we suggest the taco :) (via A Beautiful Mess)

What will you be making this holiday season? Share your favorite DIY project or recipe with us in the comments below!