Another day, another she-wore-what!? look is worn by Katy Perry. And today, the pop star served up her latest offbeat outfit with extra pepperoni when she stepped out in a pizza-print onesie at a fan meet-and-greet at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. And we have to say, of all the food-themed outfits Katy’s worn in the past, this one might be the yummiest… or maybe a slice just sounds reeeeally good as it nears lunchtime here on the west coast…

From her now-iconic “California Gurls” cupcake bra to the candy-colored + coated concert looks, Katy has worn clothes inspired by just about everything that can be super-sized and scarfed down. And while we’d rather keep the grub on our plates most days, Halloween is the time when we can make an extreme exception. If playful DIY costumes are a part of your plan this year (yep, *we’ve* already started that Pinboard!) then the Dark Horse singer should be your front runner for foodie flair. Here are 9 more of Katy Perry’s most delicious looks to help you put the “treat” in “trick or treat.”

1. Candy Button Bodysuit: Gather your mini disco ball collection to get started on this totally DIY-able costume.

2. Movie Date Snacks: Why dress like your favorite movie star when you can get buttered up like your fave movie date concessions?

3. Cookie Dough Print: Truth, we’d actually wear this emoji cookie print dress and pair it with emoji shoes and an emoji clutch. If we’ve learned anything from Katy, you don’t just go halfway.

4. Chocolate Drop Crop Top: Turn a silver swimsuit into a totally crave-worthy outfit just by adding chocolate drop wrappers.

5. Sushi-Studded: We never would have guessed that sushi and glitter worked together. It does when it’s done like this.

6. Peppermint Pinwheel: Restyle a basic white dress into a candy-striped outfit you might even repurpose at a wacky Xmas party!

7. Cotton Candy Bodycon: So this is super cute. And we’d wear it in our normal lives. And we hope Nasty Gal sells it very very soon.

8. The Cupcake Bra: Step UP your DIY style game by making the ultimate Katy-inspired outfit — apparently, you can make it in under 20 minutes!

9. A Side of Everything: For when you can’t decide to go with sweets or salty snacks, apps or desserts, just toss it all on. It’s safe to assume if you’d eat it, she’s worn it!

Which of Katy Perry’s costumes are YOU most inspired to wear this Halloween? What other looks of hers are you planning on copying for costume parties this fall? Tell us in the comments below.