We are well aware that all you moms and dads out there have so much on your plate already, so adding a DIY Halloween costume to the mix might sound a bit daunting. Fear no more! We’ve got five easy little kiddo costumes that are a breeze to recreate. Show your kids these five adorable costumes and watch them get excited about the endless possibilities that Halloween has to offer. A huge thanks to our our commerce head, Cameron, and her daughter, Frankie, for helping us out with this shoot!


Constellation Costume


We’ll start with a costume that Frankie actually suggested to us. Being a star was on the top of her list, so we decided to dress her up as a constellation. The key to this costume is lots of gold and silver details to make sure your little one looks star-studded :)


We picked up this amazing sequin top at our local Goodwill (surprise, surprise) and paired it with a black shimmery tutu from H&M and black starry tights. Create your star headband from glittery craft foam and attach it to a headband using hot glue.


We added cascading gold ribbons to make the main star a shooting star and pinned other gold stars around the costume. Twinkle twinkle little star, Frankie is definitely the brightest one by far.

Little Lana Del Rey Costume


Li’l Lana Del Rey stole our hearts. The instant Frankie put on the long wig, we were in awe of this stunning little human being. Frankie brought in her own white dress that we paired with a flower crown and a long reddish brown kid’s wig.


Not sure how to make a flower crown? No problem! We’ve bundled up all the best supplies to make these crowns in our paper flower crown kit. You’ll have enough to make one for her and a matching one for you :)


Frankie was not shy when it came it showing off her new dance moves. We practiced all types of ballerina positions and danced a lot on set.

Morton Salt Girl Costume


Naturally, we had to create one of the most iconic little girl looks out there. The Morton Salt logo is legendary, and we love how it has hardly changed over the years. It’s a classic!


We found this little yellow dress at H&M and paired it with white stockings and a purple umbrella. The Umbrella Girl wears yellow Mary Jane shoes but Frankie decided to put her own twist on the costume and wear her favorite little pink shoes.


Don’t forget your number one accessory — Morton Salt. If you’re up for a little additional DIY action, you can turn an empty can of salt into a little bag to collect small Halloween treats!

Old Granny Costume


There is nothing funnier than dressing up a four-year-old as an old grandma. We hit up our local thrift store to pick up pieces that mimicked textures and prints a grandma might wear. We paired this with white tights, sneakers and a silver child’s wig.


Funny things happen when you order many (and I mean many) things on Amazon. You fail to notice small details, like the actual size of products. For this costume, I wanted Frankie to have a walking stick, so I ordered a miniature walking stick off Amazon. Well, to my surprise it was very miniature — in fact it was a walking stick made for a doll house! So, we put our DIY brains into action and created a walking stick from a spray-painted dowel and black duct tape.


“Now you kiddos better brush your teeth after eating all that candy!” — says Grandma Frankie.

Cupcake Costume


This costume takes the cake (pun intended) and was one of my favorite to create. You will want two basic supplies that you can pick up at any Target store – a lamp shade and pink stockings. To start, grab your wire cutters and cut out the inside of the lamp shade. Bend the sharp edges upward and cover with felt so they don’t poke your little one’s legs. Spray paint the lamp shade silver and decorate with diagonal lines like the cupcake lining.


Now for the fun part, stuff the stockings with pillow fiber fill to get long pink tubes (Pro tip: your little DIYer can totally handle this step!). We only used one leg of the stocking and snaked it into three levels. Use the leftover stocking fabric to help tie the stocking in the shape that you desire. Once you have the perfect swirl, hot glue small sprinkles of felt to the stocking, then hot glue the stocking to the lampshade.


Use rope to help hold the cupcake in place on your little one’s shoulders. Pair with a solid pink shirt and solid gray leggings. But really, this photo! We can’t. SO CUTE!

Little DIYers, this one’s for you! Which costume is your favorite? What will you be dressing up as this Halloween? Share with us in the comments below!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Modeling: Frankie Rivinus

Photography: Chris Andre