When you think of Impressionism, the first name that comes to mind is probably its inventor, Claude Monet. Whether he was painting lilies, gardens or seascapes, the French artist sought to depict a feeling or experience rather than copying what he literally saw. Ready to reimagine your own French girl style and explore the world through Monet’s eyes? You can with these six amazing DIY projects.


1. Coffee Filter Water Lily: Give Monet’s iconic water lilies a 3D update. These pretty-as-a-picture flowers can be customized to your perfect shade with different dye mixes and saturations. (via Martha Stewart)


2. Watercolor Sketchbook Kit ($29): Monet may have been the first Impressionist, but each artist since had his own take on the genre. Paint your own interpretation with this easy watercolor sketchbook kit. (via Brit + Co)


3. Birch Tree Wall Art: Just as Monet featured birch trees in many of his landscapes, you can feature birch trees on your wallscape. Masking tape is the secret to ensuring straight lines. (via Persia Lou)


4. Watercolor Gold Leaf Cake Kit ($34): We aren’t sure whether this tasty masterpiece belongs in a museum or in our mouths. (Probably both.) Make your own with the watercolor gold leaf cake kit. (via Brit + Co)


5. Succulent Dish Garden: Who says art needs to live on the walls? Turn your succulent BFFs into works of art inspired by Monet’s lillies with some careful color selection and a charming planter. (via Shmarz on Snapguide)


6. Seascape Impressions: Since he was a young boy, Monet loved the sea. It would eventually become his muse when he became an artist. Celebrate the beauty of the ocean by painting your own DIY seascape using this easy impressionist hack. (via My Clever Nest)

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