When your nails are on point, your life is on point. A good manicure is always the proverbial cherry on top of any outfit and is guaranteed to have you feelin’ yourself just as much as Nicki and Bey. Unfortunately, it can be a little hard to replicate a salon-quality mani at home if you don’t know all the steps. Lucky for ALL of us, there’s a new DIY Nail Art Class in the Brit + Co Shop that will have you totally nailing it in just 60 minutes, and for less than $20.


Your teacher Stephanie Stone, celebrity nail artist to the stars, has had her nail art designs featured in Vogue, Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. Those are some creds you can definitely trust. Steph will first guide you through a basic mani, and then you’ll get down to the fun stuff like her go-to designs: ombré, layered and geometric. Need supplies before you get started? Also available in the B+C Shop is our DIY Nail Art Kit to help you take your skills from amateur to pro.


Why wait? The best home manicure of your life is in your hands ;)

What nail technique are you excited to learn? Tell us in the comments.