While plants are beautiful on their own, the right container can create a look that’s downright stunning. They can complement the decor of a room or become a focal point in your garden. Just like the perfect accessories can make an outfit, a DIY touch can make a big difference for your plant pots. It’s all in the details!

1. Fabric Decoupaged Clay Pots: We love the way this chevron pattern coordinates with the handmade outdoor pillow covers and the rest of the porch. (via Positively Splendid)

2. Chandelier Planter Tutorial: Vintage chandeliers + flower pots = seriously gorgeous planters. These were put together and painted in a vibrant color, and then the flowers were planted as a group Mother’s Day project. (via DIY Showoff)

3. Micro Planter Chess Set: What’s even better than 3D printing your own micro planter? 3D printing a whole Bauhaus-inspired chess set of micro planters! You can download the file for free to print yours. (via XYZ Workshop)

4. Pretty Lace Flower Pots: The contrast between spiny cacti and soft lace look is pure potted perfection. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Plant-a-Colada Coconut Planter: We’re coconuts for these DIY planters! Of course, the inside of a coconut is delicious in desserts, and now we know how to enjoy the outside too. (via J Best 1979)

6. Floppy Disk Planters: Just because your current laptop doesn’t have a floppy disk drive doesn’t mean those disks have to go to the landfill. For a greener alternative, add some greenery and liven up your desk! (via Brit + Co.)

7. Color-Dipped Pots: This is a smart method for getting that dipped color block look without a lot of mess. (via Whit + Whistle)

8. Sweater-Covered Flower Pots: Maybe that old sweater isn’t quite your style anymore, but it may be just the statement piece your plants have been wanting. A partially felted sweater sleeve fits these pots perfectly. (via Duo Fiber Works)

9. Gold Patterned Cactus Planters: Glam up some plain planters with gold paint and fun patterns! (via Brit + Co.)

10. All Star Garden: Put succulents in your sneakers to upcycle your Chuck Taylors into a great Converse-ation piece. (via MO Plants)

11. Nail Polish Marbled Planters: A great project for that polish that looked better in the bottle. (via Henry Happened)

12. Cement Planters From Recycled Packaging: Use empty food containers as molds for your concrete masterpiece! (via Simply Sofie)

13. Hanging Neon + Gold Planters: So simple, yet so stylish! Take your terra cotta from blah to ta-da! with some gold spray paint and knotted neon yarn. (via Holly Would)

14. Anthropologie Knockoff Vases: With yarn, rope, a tin can and a glue gun, you can put together these Anthropologie-style containers to use as vases, flower pots or pencil cups. (via Craft Berry Bush)

15. Upcycled Copper Planters: Convert copper canisters from a place to stash your sugar to a stunning way to display your plants. (via J Best 1979)

16. Clay Mini Planter: Design your own hanging planters with clay, and then paint your patterns or leave them white on white. (via A Beautiful Mess)

17. Pine Cone Succulent Planters: If you pine for a unique place to plant your succulents, this idea is only natural. (via The Inspired Home and Garden)

18. Gold Leaf Flower Pots: Add some bling to terra cotta pots with gold leaf. (via Brit + Co.)

19. Tiny Polymer Clay Plant Pots: Make your own tiny pot from polymer clay. So adorbs! (via Transient Expression)

How do you keep your container garden looking plant-astic? Share your ideas in the comments.