Jordan here, saying hi from Oh Happy Day! I love having the long break to get organized. Something about the new year makes me want to start fresh. We’ve partnered with Ziploc Brand to share our favorite craft area organization tips. One universal truth I’ve learned is that if you do projects, things never stay organized for long. We make things a lot in our craft studio and it’s a constant struggle to maintain it. Here are a few tips we’ve learned through the years to keep it tidy.


1. Give everything a home. This, of course, is rule number one. You can’t put something away if you don’t have a place for it. Also, have an area for newly acquired items and projects in progress. If you plan for stuff in limbo then you can have a place to tuck it away until you have time to give it a home. It’s also important to have containers to keep spaces organized. (Hey Ziploc®!)


2. Let it go. It’s easy to want to hang onto every shiny scrap of paper, but give yourself limits. We allow ourselves to keep whatever will fit in our scrap drawer, but anything else gets recycled or given away.


3. Make a crafting kit. We put together a box of our most-used tools — scissors, glue, tape, etc. — so that it is easy to access. Put the things you use least on the harder-to-reach shelves. The Ziploc® Space Bag® compression bag is perfect for storing bulky fabrics. Just vacuum out the air using the vacuum hose, and the fabric is instantly flattened to make room for more supplies.


4. In with the new! After you’ve cleaned it out, keep your space updated with your favorite things to keep you inspired. Nothing makes me feel more inspired than coming home from a trip to the crafting store with new fun materials.


There you have it! Four tips for keeping your craft space clean, organized and inspirational. Happy DIY’ing!

This post is sponsored by Ziploc Brand: Life Needs Ziploc.

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Styling by Sarah Price Olsen