A wall clock is a decorative and functional element every workspace needs. But sometimes it’s tricky to find the ideal color scheme to perfectly complement your space. With that in mind, we decided to show you how to make your own clock that will fit your style, whether that be modern, boho or minimalist. Are your ready to infuse a little bit of color into your decor? Take your old wall clock, print our template and get to it!


– old clock

– spray paint

free printable


– screwdriver

– stick glue

– pencil


1. Use your screwdriver to disassemble the clock, separating each piece.

2. Remove the old image from the dial, and spray paint it with your favorite color.

3. Spray paint the frame as well, and let everything dry.

4. Print our printable on a regular sheet of paper. Then use the clock glass as a guide to trace the outline on the paper. Cut it out.

5. Stick your image in place.

6. Use the screwdriver to make a little hole at the center of the dial, and insert the hands.

7. Reassemble everything and you’re done!

Start by disassembling the clock so that you can easily work on each piece.

Make sure to keep track of all the parts!

Then remove the old paper from the clock face and paint it with any color you want. If your surface is super glossy, we suggest sanding it or using primer before painting. Repeat the same process with the frame. While the clock is drying, print the template and trace the outline of the glass on top. Then cut it out.

Check to see that the paper fits your clock face, and then glue it in place. At this point you can decide whether to mark the hours with numbers or lines. We decided to ditch the numbers entirely to give ourselves a little time-telling challenge :) Last but not least, make a little hole for the hands, reassemble everything and you are done!

There’s so much to love about this clock! It’s the perfect mix of colorful, creative and fun.

It’s pretty simple to make, but oh-so satisfying.

Do you have wall clocks in your home or apartment? Have you ever thought about giving them new life? Share your ideas in the comments below.