Workday dragging on a little long? Maybe it鈥檚 time to perk up your workspace with some new accessories, a colorful mood board or these awesome organization hacks . Whether you work in a roomy office or from a tiny desk in your living room, there is something inspirational about seeing how other people style their workspaces. So take a break from that boring project and enjoy these 29 beautiful workspaces from our favorite time-waster: Instagram .


1. @wooden_square : If you stare at a wall all day, make sure it鈥檚 a pretty wall. We鈥檝e got tons of ideas for DIY wall decor that don鈥檛 require any nails, making them perfect for the office.


2. @thisbeautyblog : Inspire yourself to greatness with a cool marquee light in the shape of an arrow. Or put your name in flashing lights. Whatever works.


3. @pink_intrique : All white everything can be the perfect blank canvas for you to start your brainstorming.


4. @joanalichtpoesie : We鈥檙e down with any workspace decor that uses washi tape , and these different colored 鈥渂oards鈥 are a great way to organize tasks by order of importance.


5. @the_golden_octopus : Keep it light and bright with lots of gold accents and pastel tones (hello, mint !) and you are on your way to a super stylish workspace.


6. @acupofchic : A good calendar is necessary for any workspace. If you don鈥檛 have one you鈥檙e in love with, it鈥檚 not too late to make your own with our super easy (and super pretty) calligraphy聽calendar .


7. @deskp4rn : Forget Pinterest; sometimes you just need to have your inspiration out in front of you for real. Tape pictures up with washi tape or try making your very own version of pin boards with colorful clipboards mounted to the wall.


8. @deskp4rn : Gold desk accessories make everything better. DIY some of your own pencil cups or gold-dipped catch-all bowls to spruce up a tired workspace.


9. @monicadeco : Like a burst of sunshine, all the orange in this bright workspace would have you smiling even on the darkest of Mondays.


10. @denisemilene : Fresh flowers and a candle are necessary to get through any workday. Pick up a few items on your way home and DIY a votive candle that鈥檚 perfect for your desk.


11. @fudges : Would you actually get any work done in a chair that comfy? Yeah, we鈥檙e not sure we would either.


12. @seedjan : Workspace doesn鈥檛 have to mean paperwork. Having a special place set aside to work on your hobbies is a great way to stay creative .


13. @stuudionahk : We love being able to take our pets to work. Seriously, look how helpful they are.


14. @apricot.avenue : Technology is wonderful, but sometimes you just get the urge to make a good old-fashioned list with paper and pencil. DIY some stylish writing utensils and pick up one of these witty notepads to make your to-do list extra inspiring.


15. @cornelkaaa : Strawberry Ice is one of Pantone鈥檚 colors for 2015, and we approve of this perfectly pink workspace.


16. @apricot.avenue : Not just for your living room, a pouf can be handy in the office too. Keep one nearby for visitors to sit on or put up your feet while you鈥檙e planning your next business strategy.


17. @quinn.luu : Because we all dream of being able to work from bed.


18. @rosabeltrandesign : Even a tiny home office needs attractive storage accessories and a shag rug to keep your feet warm.


19. @bettyettiquette : If you struggle with keeping all your craft supplies organized, try these organization tips to get the mess under control so you can get back to being creative .


20. @sarcuz : Hang a piece of gridded wire above your desk for a fun way to keep pictures and inspiration visible and easily interchangeable. This is a win-win solution, since you won鈥檛 be putting holes in your walls or in your photos.


21. @hausnhome : Even the most minimal workspace needs some art and a cool lamp .


22. @happywellmag : Sharing a workspace or home office can be challenging, but maybe not if it鈥檚 a desk as pretty as this one.


23. @interior_ke : It鈥檚 all about that desk in this sleek home office. If you鈥檙e thinking it鈥檚 time to update your desk, we鈥檝e got some ideas on how to DIY your very own , from IKEA hacks to wall-mounted desks that the whole family can utilize.


24. @sasha_arutyunova : Seeing other people being creative is definitely the motivation we need to keep trying new things.


25. @homebyanniedox : We鈥檙e all over this #shelfie with its minimal color palette. Instead of flowers, decorating with branches is a unique way to bring in some natural elements without getting messy.


26. @int.ext.ideas : We love the idea of a bold and simple gallery wall in the office.


27. @vladimerbotsvadze : Black and white never goes out of style.


28. @clubbusinesslife : Workspace or tropical retreat? You鈥檇 definitely be in a positive state of mind working at this hot pink desk.


29. @matejakovac : Have you ever loved your home office so much you just had to draw it?

What are your must-haves when it comes to decorating your workspace? Talk to us in the comments below!