In the era of smartphones, it’s rare that anyone uses a watch to tell time anymore. If you ask us though, a watch is something everyone should own and will always be a timeless (pun totally intended) accessory piece. And while a classic watch is a no-fail way to look polished, sometimes you just want something a little more fun and unique. Check out these 10 DIYs that will jazz up your watches and add major style to your arm swag.


1. Embroidered Strap: What could these bright orange and lime green watch straps use? More color in the form of embroidered patterns and shapes, of course. (via Brit + Co)


2. Chain Strap Watch: Layer upon layer of chains mean you really don’t need to add anything else to make a statement. Feel free to use any chain you like, but we’re pretty partial to this cool-looking fishtail chain. (via A Pair & a Spare)


3. Bling Watch Band: We’re obsessed with the color and 3D effect of these gemstones — they’re almost like little pieces of candy. Slap this on your wrist to take a simple outfit from drab to fab. (via Dream a Little Bigger)


4. Lace, Pearl and Rhinestone Watch: Nothing says ladylike more than lace and pearls. Keep things from looking toogranny chic by pairing the look with a leather moto jacket. (via Dream a Little Bigger)


5. Color Stretch Watchbands: Combining a luxe gold watch and your faithful old hair tie is a DIY we never thought could look SO good. (via In Honor of Design)


6. Wrap Bracelet Watch: Is it a bracelet? Is it a watch? With this project you can have it all and look stylish doing so. (via Sincerely, Kinsey)


7. Friendship Watch Band: Is it just us, or does everyone wish they could spend more time making friendship bracelets? Take a trip down ’90s memory lane and knot together a new strap for your watch. (via What I Wore)


8. Leopard Print Scarf Watch: We love simple DIYs like this that pack huge punches. It’s also super easy to swap out the scarf to match different moods, outfits and seasons. (via A Pair & a Spare)


9. Multi-Strand Chain Watch: This is your chance to put all those leftover pieces of chain from old DIY projects to good use. Go nuts and use all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes for a stylish mixed-metal look. (via Studs and Pearls)


10. Ribbon Wrap Watch: Mix leather and ribbons in pastel shades to create a watch that’s just right for spring. (via Brit + Co)

Did we miss any of your favorite ways to make over a watch? Let us know in the comments below.